Time Driven Activity Based Costing : Theory,Applications and Limitations

صفحه 457-482
Mohammad Namazi


Identification of factors influencing building initial trust in e-commerce

صفحه 483-503
Mansoureh Maadi؛ Marjan Maadi؛ Mohammad Javidnia


Effect of employee branding on market share based on individual and organizational values (Studied in: Mellat Bank)

صفحه 505-527
Ali Hamidizadeh؛ Rasoul Sanavi Fard


Guidelines for selecting journals that avoid fraudulent practices in scholarly publishing

صفحه 529-538
Mehdi Dadkhah؛ Glenn Borchardt


Co-movement among industry indices of Tehran Stock Exchange, Wavelet Coherence approach

صفحه 539-558
Somayeh Mohammadi؛ Ebrahim Abbasi؛ Gholamreza Mansourfar؛ Fahimeh Beiglari


Ranking business processes maturity by modified rembrandt technique with considering CMMI dimensions

صفحه 559-578
Ahmad Jafarnejad Chaghooshi؛ Mohsen Moradi-Moghadam؛ Soheila Etezadi


Reform by reflection: Schön’s legacy to management practice in times of uncertainty

صفحه 579-597
Hooman Attar؛ Seyed Mohammad Reza Shahabi؛ Mahdis Mohammadi KiaKaleh Omlashi


Key drivers of innovative behavior in hotel industry: evidence from a developing country

صفحه 599-625
Abolfazl Danaei؛ Farzaneh Iranbakhsh


Testing the weak form of efficient market hypothesis in carbon efficient stock indices along with their benchmark indices in select countries

صفحه 627-650
Ranjit Singh؛ N.M. Leepsa؛ Narendra Kushwaha


A hybrid model for estimating the probability of default of corporate customers

صفحه 651-673
Reza Raei؛ Mahdi Saeidi Kousha؛ Saeid Fallahpour؛ Mohammad Fadaeinejad

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