The relationship between stock liquidity risk and financial information quality criteria in Tehran Stock Exchange

صفحه 503-521
Mahmoud Mousavi Shiri؛ Masome Roshandel


Corporate diversification and efficiency of manufacturing firms listed in Bursa Malaysia

صفحه 523-544
Meysam Doaei؛ Melati Ahmad Anuar؛ Zuhaimy Ismail


Positive psychological capital: The role of Islamic work ethics in Tehran Public Organizations

صفحه 545-566
Saied Sehhat؛ Seid Mojataba Mahmoud zadeh؛ Mostafa Ashena؛ Samira Parsa


Activity– level as a link between customer retention and consumer lifetime value

صفحه 567-587
Neda Abdolvand؛ Vahid Baradaran؛ Amir Albadvi


Evaluation of recommender systems: A multi-criteria decision making approach

صفحه 589-605
Babak Sohrabi؛ Mehdi Toloo؛ Ali Moeini؛ Soroosh Nalchigar


Providing a multidimensional measurement model for assessing quality of sport tourism services: Empirical evidence from sport conference as sport event tourism

صفحه 607-629
Reza Andam؛ Amir Montazeri؛ Samira Feizi؛ Rahimeh Mehdizadeh


A model for illustrating the effective factors of strategic behavior (Case study: Social insurance company of Tehran)

صفحه 631-651
Habibollah Javanmard


A multi-objective resource-constrained optimization of time-cost trade-off problems in scheduling project

صفحه 653-685
Mostafa Zareei؛ Hossein Ali Hassan-Pour

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