Calculation of One-dimensional Forward Modelling of Helicopter-borne Electromagnetic Data and a Sensitivity Matrix Using Fast Hankel Transforms

صفحه 1-9
Abolfazl Asadian؛ Ali Moradzadeh؛ Alireza Arab-Amiri؛ Ali Nejati kalateh؛ Davood Rajabi


Assessing the Performance of Statistical-structural and Geostatistical Methods in Estimating the 3D Distribution of the Uniaxial Compressive Strength Parameter in the Sarcheshmeh Porphyry Copper Deposit

صفحه 11-30
Mahboubeh Pishbin؛ Nader Fathianpour


Application of Discriminant Analysis for Studying the Source Rock Potential of Probable Formations in the Lorestan Basin, Iran

صفحه 31-54
Amir Negahdari؛ Mansour Ziaii؛ Javad Ghiasi-Freez


Analytical Solution for Stress Field and Intensity Factor in CSTBD under Mixed Mode Conditions

صفحه 55-68
Najaf Ali Ghavidel؛ Hosein Memarian؛ Soheil Mohamadi؛ Mohammad Heydarizadeh


Uncertainties and Complexities of the Geological Model in Slope Stability: a Case Study of Sabzkuh Tunnel

صفحه 69-79
Abbas Eftekhari؛ Majid Taromi؛ Mahdi Saeidi


Evaluation of Technological Changes’ Impact on Scarcity of Minerals by a Value Chain Approach: Introducing a Conceptual Model

صفحه 81-100
Shamseddin Vahabi؛ Abolghasem Mahdavi؛ Jafar Ebadi


The Effects of Ore Properties on the Characterization of Suspension in Settling and Compression

صفحه 101-114
Majid Unesi؛ Mohammad Noaparast؛ Sied Ziaedin Shafaei؛ Esmaeil Jorjani

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