Effect of Pre-existing Nano Sized Precipitates on Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Al-0.2wt% Sc Highly Deformed by ARB Process

صفحه 1-7
Ehsan Borhani؛ Hamidreza Jafarian


Study of the Effect of Sol pH and Nanoclay Incorporation on the Corrosion Protection Performance of a Silane Sol-Gel Coating

صفحه 9-14
Najmeh Asadi؛ Reza Naderi؛ Mohsen Saremi؛ Flavio Deflorian


Preparation and Characterization of Bismuth Sulfide (Bi2S3) Nanostructures by Ultrasonic Method

صفحه 15-19
Mehdi Ranjbar؛ Mohammad Ali Taher؛ Peyman Rajaei


Hydrogen Desorption Properties of Nanocrystalline MgH2-10 wt.% ZrB2 Composite Prepared by Mechanical Alloying

صفحه 21-26
Mona Maddah؛ Mohammad Rajabi؛ Seyed Mahmood Rabiee


Optimization of the FeCo nanowire fabrication embedded in anodic aluminum oxide template by response surface methodology

صفحه 27-35
Mina Salehi؛ Pirooz Marashi؛ Maryam Salehi؛ Reza Ghannad


Role of Intensive Milling on Microstructural and Physical Properties of Cu80Fe20/10CNT Nano-Composite

صفحه 37-42
Mahsa Barzegar Vishlaghi؛ Abolghasem Ataie


Nano-Crystalline Mg(2-x)MnxNi Compounds Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying: Microstructure and Electrochemistry

صفحه 43-49
Safa Haghighat-Shishavan؛ Farshid Kashani Bozorg


Surfactant-Assisted Electrodeposition of CoFe-Barium Hexaferrite Nanocomposite Thin Films

صفحه 51-56
Soheila Kharratian Khameneh؛ Mahmoud Heydarzadeh Sohi؛ Abolghasem Ataie

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