Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption from Model Flue gas

Hosein Delavari Amrei؛ Mohammad Mahdi Montazer-Rahmati؛ Mohammad Reza Mehrnia؛ Obran Bolouri


Presenting an Empirical Correlation for Maximum Sauter Mean Diameter in a Spray Extraction Column

Ali Salimi-Khorshidi؛ Hosein Abolghasemi؛ Mohammad Ghannadi


Study of Influential Parameters on the Yield of Oil Extracted from Grape Seeds; Using Statistical Experimental Design

Golnaz Shaverdi؛ شهره فاطمی؛ Parvaneh Hariri؛ Asghar Safarali؛ Zeinab Salehi


Simulation of a membrane air separation unit using industrial process simulators

Amir Sheikhi؛ رحمت ستوده قره باغ؛ Mohammad Hosein Labbaf؛ Mojghan Abbasi


Immobilization of Alkaline Protease produced from Bacillus Licheniformis PTCC1331 on Calcium Alginate (Its effect on enzymatic activity)

Shima Saffarionpour؛ سهیلا یغمایی؛ Zahra Ghobadinejad


Mathematical Modeling of Adsorption Process of Ethyl Acetate Impurity of Supercritical CO2 on Activated Carbon

Nima Masoumi Fard؛ شهره فاطمی؛ Majid Masoumi


Modeling Spatial Distribution of Intracellular Organelles by Molecular Motors

Fatemeh Moayed؛ Fereshteh Naeimpoor؛ yousef Jamali


Modeling of platinum leaching kinetics in aqua-regia solutions using the Elovich equation

Mohsen Nikkhoo؛ Morteza Baghalha؛ Davood Rashtchian

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