Effects of drought stress and defoliation on sunflower (Helianthus annuus) in controlled conditions

صفحه 99-104
A. Nezamia؛ Z. Boroumand Rezazadehb؛ A. Hosseini


An evaluation of yield in "intercropping of maize and potato"

صفحه 105-111
K. Jamshidi؛ D. Mazaheri؛ J. Saba


A study of the influential factors affecting the slopes of deposited sediments behind the porous check dams and model development for prediction

صفحه 113-119
A. Esmaeili Nameghi؛ A. Hassanli؛ M. Soufi


Effects of various super absorbent concentrations on runoff volume in slopes and various intensity of simulated rainfall in Shahrekord plain

صفحه 121-128
M. Pajuohesh؛ H. GH. Refahi؛ GH. R. Zehtabian؛ A. Salehpour Jam؛ M. K. Kianian


Water and radiation use efficiency in different developmental stages in four bread wheat cultivars under moisture stress conditions

صفحه 129-137
M. Ghodsi؛ M. R. Jalal Kamali؛ D. Mazaheri؛ M. Chaichi


Assessment of land use changes using remote sensing and GIS and their implications on climatic variability for Balachaur watershed in Punjab, India

صفحه 139-147
S. Bazgeer؛ P. K. Sharma؛ R. K. Mahey؛ S. S. Hundal؛ A. Sood


Decision support system (DSS) for site selection floodwater spreading schemes using remote sensing (RS) and geographical information systems (GIS)

صفحه 149-164
M. M. Kheirkhah Zarkesh؛ A. M.J. Meijerink؛ M. Goodarzi


Introduction of new indices to identify relative drought tolerance and resistance in wheat genotypes

صفحه 165-178
S. S. Moosavi؛ B. Yazdi Samadi؛ M. R. Naghavi؛ A. A. Zali؛ H. Dashti؛ A. Pourshahbazi


Effects of water deficit and salinity on germination properties of Aeluropus spp.


The effect of 1991-2001 droughts on ground water in Neishabour plain

صفحه 185-197
H. Mohammadi؛ M. Karimpour Reihan

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