Probing Conformational Feature of a Recombinant Pyruvate Kinase by Limited Proteolysis

صفحه 5-13
M. Banijamali؛ S. Hosseinkhani؛ J. Fuladi


Linear and Nonlinear Multivariate Classification of Iranian Bottled Mineral Waters According to Their Elemental Content Determined by ICP-OES

صفحه 15-22
J.B. Ghasemi؛ E. Zolfonoun؛ R. Khosrokhavar


Chromespinel and Magnetite as Indicators for Recognition of Genesis and History of Serpentinites in Baft Ophiolite Mélange (Kerman Province in Iran)

صفحه 23-39
N. Mohammadi؛ H. Ahmadipour


Petrographic Evidences for the Origin of Iron in IOCG IronDeposits of Kuh-E-Faryadoon and Kouli-Kosh, Southeast Central Iran

صفحه 41-53
M. Sabzehei؛ H. Mirzaei؛ M Mostafavi


Some Asymptotic Results of Kernel Density Estimator in Length-Biased Sampling

صفحه 55-62
M. Ajami؛ V. Fakoor؛ S. Jomhoori


A New Approach to Continuous Riesz Bases

صفحه 63-69
A.A. Arefijamaal؛ R.A. Kamyabi Gol؛ R. Raisi Tousi؛ N. Tavallaei


An Approximate Method for System of Nonlinear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients

صفحه 71-79
A. Tari


Local Field Correction Effect on Dicluster Stopping Power in a Strongly Coupled Two-Dimensional Electron Gas System

صفحه 81-85
T. Vazifehshenas؛ S. Saberi-Pouya

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