Stability of Aerobic Granular Biomass Treating the Effluent from A Seafood Industry

صفحه 265-276
A. Val del Río؛ M. Figueroa؛ A. Mosquera-Corral؛ J.L. Campos؛ R. Méndez


Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles in Monterrey, Mexico: a Tunnel Study

صفحه 277-292
A.E. Araizaga؛ Y. Mancilla؛ A. Mendoza


Assesment of Kinetic Parameters for Thermophilic Anaerobic Contact Reactor Treating Food-Processing Wastewater

صفحه 293-302
E. Senturk؛ M. Ýnce؛ G. Onkal Engin


Improving MSHE Design Procedure Using Genetic Algorithm and Reduced Number of Sections

صفحه 303-318
F. Joda؛ G.T. Polley؛ N. Tahouni؛ M.H. Panjeshahi


Landslide Susceptibility Mapping for the Urmia Lake basin, Iran: A multi- Criteria Evaluation Approach using GIS

صفحه 319-336
B. Feizizadeh؛ T. Blaschke؛ H. Nazmfar؛ M.H. Rezaei Moghaddam


The Recreational use Value in Spanish Protected Natural Landscapes: Proposal for a Nature Park “Serranía de Cuenca”

صفحه 337-342
J.A. Mondéjar-Jiménez؛ J.C. Gázquez-Abad؛ M.A. Gómez-Borja


Land use and Water Quality in Guangzhou, China: A survey of ecological and Social Vulnerability in Four Urban Units of the Rapidly Developing Megacity

صفحه 343-358
R. Strohschön؛ K. Wiethoff؛ K. Baier؛ L. Lu؛ A.L. Bercht؛ R. Wehrhahn؛ R. Azzam


Energy Intensity and Energy Demand: A Case Study for the Italian Industrial Sector

صفحه 359-366
L. Buzzigoli؛ A. Viviani


On-Road Vehicle Emissions Forecast Using IVE Simulation Model

صفحه 367-376
M. Shafie-Pour؛ A. Tavakoli


Quantification of Social Impacts of Large Hydropower Dams- a case study of Alborz Dam in Mazandaran Province, Northern Iran

صفحه 377-382
S. Tajziehchi؛ S.M. Monavari؛ A.R. Karbassi؛ S.M. Shariat؛ N. Khorasani


Evaluation of Noise Measurements Performed in Mining Sites for Environmental Aspects

صفحه 383-386
I. Cinar؛ C. Sensogut


Sources of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Storm Water runoff in Tijuana, Mexico

صفحه 387-394
E. García-Flores؛ F.T. Wakida؛ J.H. Espinoza-Gomez


As(III) and As(V) Sorption on MnO2 Synthesized by Mechano-chemical Reaction from Aqueous phase

صفحه 395-402
I. Andjelkovic؛ D. Manojlovic؛ S. Skrivanj؛ B.M. Pavlovic؛ N.R. Amaizah؛ G. Roglic


Industrial Pollution and Food Safety in Kigali, Rwanda

صفحه 403-406
A. Etale؛ D.C. Drake


Sensitivity Analysis of METRIC–Based Evapotranspiration Algorithm

صفحه 407-422
M.H. Mokhtari؛ B. Ahmad؛ H. Hoveidi؛ I. Busu


The Application of Fuzzy Multi-attribute Group Decision Making to Prioritize the Landscapes with high Ecological value: Khoshk River in Shiraz

صفحه 423-434
L. Kowkabi؛ A.R. Rahman setayesh؛ A. Badri؛ A. Rajaee


Application of Clay Minerals and Polymeric Resins to Remove Dissolved Microcystin-LR from Water

صفحه 435-442
R.S.P. Couto؛ A.W.S. Guarino؛ Ch.W.C. Branco؛ E.F.A. Palermo؛ E.G. Azero


Prediction of Fecal Coliform Removal on Intermittent Media Infiltration by Varying Soil Content Based on FREN

صفحه 443-454
S. Khamkure؛ C. Treesatayapun؛ E.P. Cervantes؛ P.G. Melo؛ A.Z. Gonzalez


Characteristics of Fly ash Produced at Power and Water Desalination Plants Firing Fuel Oil

صفحه 455-466
M.H. Al-Malack؛ A.A. Bukhari؛ O.S. Al-Amoudi؛ H.H. Al-Muhanna؛ T.H. Zaidi


Efficiency of Vermicompost on Quantitative and Qualitative Growth of Tomato Plants

صفحه 467-472
M.A. Abduli؛ L. Amiri؛ E. Madadian؛ S. Gitipour؛ S. Sedighian


Environmental Security and Global Violence

صفحه 473-478
A. Mossalanejad


Monitoring Bacterial Diversity in a full-scale Municipal Wastewater Treatment plant in Dubai by Fluorescence in situ hybridization Technique

صفحه 479-484
M.A. Khan؛ S.M. Faheem


Evaluation of the Impact of Ni, Cr and Pb Contained in Effluents of an Industrial unit by the Process of Stabilization/solidification using Hydraulic Binders

صفحه 485-494
K. Moussaceb؛ Ch. Belebchouche؛ A. Ait-Mokhtar؛ D. Merabet


Categorizing Variables Affecting the Proactive Environmental Orientation of Firms

صفحه 495-500
J. Mondéjar-Jiménez؛ M. Vargas-Vargas؛ M. Segarra-Oña؛ A. Peiró-Signes


A mathematical Model for Cadmium Removal using A sulfate Reducing Bacterium: Desulfovibrio alaskensis 6SR

صفحه 501-512
P.A. López-Pérez؛ M.I. Neria-González؛ L.B. Flores-Cotera؛ R. Aguilar-López


Performance and Kinectics Aspects of Nitrogen Removal in a Biofilm Sequencing Batch Reactor

صفحه 513-522
R.H.R. Costa؛ D.B. Wolff؛ V.S. Souto

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب