Exploring the Effect of ICTs Penetration on Social Development

صفحه 1-24
Ali Pirannejad؛ Aryan Gholipour؛ Ali Asghar Pourezzat؛ Payam Hanafizadeh


Investigating Security in Developed Information Systems through Service oriented Architecture (SOA)

صفحه 25-42
Mohammad reza Taghva؛ Mandana Izadi


Identification, Classification and Prioritization of Knowledge Sharing Techniques in Project Management Scope

صفحه 43-62
Chaharsooghi Chaharsooghi؛ Majid Hasani


Providing a Model for Setting Priorities in KM for Improving Customer Relationship Management (Case study: Sepah Bank)

صفحه 63-82
Narges Rezaei-Malek؛ Reza Radfar


Proposing a Conceptual Framework to Utilize Storytelling Mechanism into Project Management Life Cycle

صفحه 83-104
Mahdi Shami Zanjani؛ Narges Farzaneh Kondori


Teleworking Technology Adoption in Organizations: Explaining the Role of Social Influence, Motivation and Facilitating Conditions

صفحه 105-122
Alirezaei Alirezaei؛ Jabarzadeh Jabarzadeh؛ erfan Haji Akhoondi؛ hossein RahmanyYoushanlouei


Investigating the Effect of New Communication and Information Technologies on Organizational Structure and Firm Performance in Service Industry: a Survey of Consultant Engineering Firms

صفحه 123-146
ali akbar Farghangi؛ abbas Abbaspour؛ reza Abachian Ghasemi


Assessing the Impact of Development on the Demand for ICT Services and ICT Infrastructure in Iran: a Study of Inter - Provincial with Panel Data Approach

صفحه 147-168
Mohammad Ghaffari؛ Reza Alizadeh Gharehbagh؛ Salmani Salmani


Web 2.0 Business Models Taxonomy and its Relation with Web 2.0 Features

صفحه 169-190
Ali Masoumi Lari؛ Monireh Hosseini


Surveying eLearning Value Chain Models and offering Optimized Model (A Case Study in an Iranian University)

صفحه 191-202
Mansouri Mansouri؛ katrin Riazi


Developing a Decision Support System for Allocating Human Resources in Software Projects

صفحه 203-222
Ali Naser Sadrabadi؛ Asadian Ardakani Asadian Ardakani


Investigating the Factors that Influence Online Impulsive Buying in Iran - Survey on Group Discount Websites

صفحه 223-239
Mohsen Nazari؛ Marjan Baghdadi

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