A Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Model as a Means of Selecting a Risk Analysis Technique in Process Industry

صفحه 105-116
Mahdi Aghdaghi؛ Vahid Ebrahimipour


The Exploration of the Relationship and Interaction Between the Preparation Stage of BPR Projects and Quality Management Systems (QMSs) Using Concepts of RBVF Model and Dynamic Capabilities (Technical note)

صفحه 117-125
Bakhtiar Ostadi؛ Mohammad Aghdasi؛ Amir Albadvi؛ Kamran Rezaie


Customers Churn Behavior Modeling Using Decision Trees (A Case Study in Non-Contractual Setting)

صفحه 127-139
Amir Albadvi؛ Shabnam Varasteh


A New Architecture for “Semantic Content Management” for consulting Companies

صفحه 141-152
Kambiz Badie؛ Ali Moeini؛ Maryam Tayefeh Mahmodi؛ Seyad Mohsen Rahnamafard


Modeling of Multi-Objective Supplier Selection Problem by Simultaneously Considering Buyer –Supplier’s Profit

صفحه 153-168
Reza Jazemi؛ Jafar Gh. Kheljani؛ Seyad Hasan Ghodsypour


Combination of Monte Carlo Simulation and System Dynamics Modeling for Project Time Risk Analysis

صفحه 169-180
Elham Hassan Nayebi؛ Behdad Kiyani


Improving the Hybrid ANNs/ARIMA Models with Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNNs) for Time Series Forecasting

صفحه 181-193
Mahdi Khashei؛ Mahdi Bijari؛ Gholamali Raissi Ardali


Finding Casual Relationship and Ranking of CSFs in Information System Implementations Project by Using the Combination of Fuzzy ANP and Fuzzy DEMATEL

صفحه 195-212
Mohsen Sadegh Amalnick؛ Ayoob Ansarinejad؛ Samad Ansarinejad؛ Sina Miri-Nargesi


Assessment Human Resources of Banks Using DEA and Fuzzy DEA Approaches

صفحه 213-228
Seyad Farid Ghaderi؛ Mohammadali Azadeh؛ Maryam Mirjalili؛ Mohammad Sheikhalishahi


Minimizing the Sum of Maximum Earliness and Tardiness on Identical Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem

صفحه 229-242
Ghasem Moslehi؛ Mahdi Mahnam

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب