Continuity of Saljuq Architecture in Iran, the Friday Mosque of Firdaus

صفحه 1-16
Alireza Anisi


The Settlement Pattern of the Ancient Sites of the Southeastern Sub-Basins of the Caspian Sea, from a Hydro Geomorphological Perspective

صفحه 17-41
Afsaneh Ehdaei؛ Mehran Maghsoudi؛ Seyed Mohammad Zamanzadeh؛ Mojtaba Yamani


Archaeobotanical Studies in Feyzabad Site, in Aran-o-Bidgol Town

صفحه 43-55
Narjes Khan Fini؛ Reza Nouri Shadmahani؛ Mohsen Javeri؛ Mostafa Sarlak؛ Saman Soortiji


The Study of Mining and Metallurgy in the Central Part of Bam County Based on Archaeological Surveys and Historical Sources

صفحه 57-73
Nazanin Khojasteh behzadi؛ Farzad Mafi؛ Seyed mohammadamin Emami


Mineralogy and Elemental Analysis of Sasanian-Early Islamic Potsherds from the Jahangir Archaeological Monument in Ilam Based on Petrography, XRF, ICP, and TL Methods

صفحه 75-91
Leila Khosravi؛ Milad Baghsheikhi


Archaeological Lnvestigation of Administrative Documents and Records within the Chalcolithic Societies of Northwestern Iran

صفحه 93-112
Reza Rezaloo؛ Ali Karimikiya؛ Akbar Abedi؛ Rouhollah Mohammadi


Preliminary Study and Introduction of Recovered Armaments from Parthian Catacombs at Vestemin, Kiasar, Sari, Considering 2015, 2017, and 2018

صفحه 113-131
Abdolmotaleb Sharifi Holaei؛ Bahman Firouzmandi Shirah Jini؛ kamal aldin Niknami


Absolute (14C AMS) and Relative Chronologies of Barveh Tepe in the Upper Lesser Zab Basin and a Study of Painted Bronze Age Ceramics(Based on the Second Season Excavation)Season Excavation)

صفحه 133-153
Mahnaz Sharifi؛ Barbara Helwing


From Apavortene to Abivard: Feasibility and Identification of the Early Parthian City of Dara in Northeastern Iran

صفحه 155-166
Seyed Mehdi Mousavinia؛ Hassan Nami


An Archaeological Analysis of the Existing Shell Vessels (Libation Shell) in the Archaeological Contexts of the Iranian Plateau in the Third to the First Millennium B.C.

صفحه 167-183
Parisa Naseri؛ Abbas Motarjem؛ David S. Reese


The Historical Approach to the Relative Chronology of Caravansarai of Alaki, Near Marand

صفحه 185-201
Ali Nemati-Babaylou؛ Mahsa Saidi -Mehrabad


Revisit the Kura-Araxes: The Absolute and Relative Chronology of Qaleh Tepe and Ali Yourd Tepe, Zanjan Province, Iran

صفحه 203-224
Amir sadegh Naghshineh؛ Barbara Helwing؛ HASSAN Fazeli Nashli

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب