Determining the Date of the Narration as to the “‘Aqaba” Incident in the Interpretation Ascribed to Imām ‘Askarī (a) (Based on the Implementation of Adam Story)

صفحه 145-158
Parisa Ataei Nazari؛ Muhammad Ali Mahdavi Rad


Theory of “Ethical Leadership” in the governmental conduct of Imām ‘Alī (a) and the approaches of management: a comparative study of the elements with an emphasis on Nahj al-Balāgha

صفحه 159-179
Muhsin Rafat


The Cognitive Analysis of Container and Inside Matter in the Conceptualization of the Abstract Concepts of the Repentance Chapter: A Study Based on Lakoff and Johnson’s Ontological Conceptual Metaphors

صفحه 181-191
Mehran Ghulamalizadeh؛ Seyydeh Sakineh Huseyni


The Analysis and Evaluation of Allāma Ṭabāṭabā’ī About Ṭīnat Teaching

صفحه 193-205
Mohammad Hossein Montazeri


Practical Application of the Chapter Coupling Theory: Analysis of the Coupling Relationship Between Qur’ān 55 and 56 Based on the Interpretive Opinions of ‘Allāma Ṭabāṭabā’ī

صفحه 207-218
Faeze Zare’in؛ Mohammad Sharifi؛ Mohammad Mahdi Shahmoradi Fereyduni


Qur’anic Doublets and the Hypothesis of the Later Redaction of the Canonical Qur’an (A presentation and criticism of Gabriel Reynolds’ hypothesis)

صفحه 219-229
Zahra Akhavan Sarraf


A Study of Martyr Muṭahharī’s View to the Course of History

صفحه 231-243
Hamed Jokar؛ Ali Hasannia


Orientalists and the Theory of Qur’ān Distortion

صفحه 245-255
Mina Shamkhi


Philosophical Oppositions in Sana'i Ghaznavi’s Poetry

صفحه 257-266
Firuzeh Baloch Akbari؛ Ahmadreza Kikhai Farzaneh؛ Behrouz Rumiani؛ Mustafa Salari


The Affirmative Image of Christians in The Qur'an

صفحه 267-276
Fatemeh Hajiakbari؛ Hossein Heidari؛ Ehsan Moghaddam


Examining The Addition of The Hadith of The Blind and Criticising Albāni's Views About it

صفحه 277-287
Samad Abdollahi Abed؛ Seifali Zahedifar؛ Akram Atigh؛ Seyed Majid Nabavi


The Ways Out of the Moral Damage Women Suffer in Divorce based on Quranic Teachings

صفحه 289-297
Marzieh Mohases؛ Reyhaneh Khodamardi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب