The effect of biofeedback training on electrical activity of trapezius muscles and flexion range of motion in people with shoulder impingement syndrome

صفحه 125-133
Hadi Miri؛ Fariborz Hovanloo؛ Mojtaba Rahimi Bidhendi


A comparative study of musculoskeletal imbalances in professional musicians

صفحه 135-144
Zahra Nouri؛ Hasan Daneshmandi؛ seyyed hossein hosseini


Investigating the relationship between group and individual competition anxiety and its relationship with perfectionism

صفحه 145-157
Mohammad saeid Kiani؛ Leila Nazari


The comparison of selected kinetic factors during a cross-cutting maneuver in soccer players with athletics groin pain and healthy ones: Implications for injury prevention

صفحه 159-168
Hamidreza Naserpour؛ Elham Shirzad؛ Mehdi Khaleghi Tazji؛ Amir Letafatkar


Investigating the predictive role of psychological factors in the incidence of sports injuries (musculoskeletal) of elite male volleyball players

صفحه 169-177
Alireza kazeminasab؛ Reza Aminzadeh؛ Nasser Mohammad Rahimi


The effect of tactile feedback along with corrective exercises on the degree of thoracic kyphosis in hyperkyphosis individuals

صفحه 179-187
Azadeh Rahimi؛ Hooman Minoonejad؛ Reza Rajabi


The effect of lying on the stomach on the spine angles of 13-18-year-old students in Karaj

صفحه 189-196
zahra Keshtpour؛ Mohammad Ali Soleyman Fallah


The effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation and physical exercise on locomotor movement skill of children with developmental coordination disorder

صفحه 197-205
Ayoub Hashemi؛ Robabeh Rostami؛ Habib Hadianfard


Development of norm for Adolescent Physical Literacy Questionnaire (APLQ) in Tehran

صفحه 207-216
Mostafa Mohammadzadeh؛ Mahmoud Sheikh؛ Davood Hominian Sharif Abadi


The effect of the body type on the electrical activity of the abdominal muscles during gait

صفحه 227-233
Rasool Ferasat؛ Heydar Sadeghi


Comparison of kinematics and kinetics symmetry of lower limbs during running

صفحه 217-225
Ali Fatahi؛ Rozhin molaviaan


Qualitative study of effective biomedical factors in tendency of retired elite wrestlers to drug abuse; A grounded theory study

صفحه 135-144
Mohammad Khazaei؛ Mohammad Khabiri؛ Alireza Mohseni Tabrizi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب