Supply Chain and Predictability of Return

صفحه 323-333
Asgar Noorbakhsh؛ Ramin Soltani؛ Mahboubeh Asadi Mafi


Selection of the Most Effective Deliverables in the Sustainability of the Product Design and Development Process Group Employing Hybrid Delphi-GAHP and COCOSO Method

صفحه 335-366
Davood Omidzadeh؛ Ali Bozorgi-Amiri؛ Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi؛ Farzad Movahedi Sobhani


An Integrated Markovian Queueing-Inventory Model in a Single Retailer- Single Supplier Problem with Imperfect Quality and Destructive Testing Acceptance Sampling

صفحه 367-401
Amir Aghsami؛ Yaser Samimi؛ Abdollah Aghaei


Providing an Optimal Model in Modeling the Dependence Structure of the Elements of Financial Systems Using an Approach Based on Vine-Copula Functions. (Case Study: Market and Industry Indices at Tehran Stock Exchange)

صفحه 403-432
Mohammad Sadegh Zarrin Nal؛ Hojjatollah Sadeqi


Targeted Vaccination for Covid-19 Based on Machine Learning Model: A Case Study of Jobs' Prioritization

صفحه 433-446
Mohammad Amin Amani؛ Mohammadreza Ghafari؛ Mohammad Mahdi Nasiri


Capacitated Sustainable Resilient Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design: A Heuristics Algorithm

صفحه 447-479
Abolghasem Yousefi-Babadi؛ Niloofar Soleimani؛ Davood Shishebori

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