Effect of SiC nanoparticles addition on densification of commercially pure Al and 5252 Al powder compacts

صفحه 121-130
Mohammad Moazami-Goudarzi؛ Farshad Akhlaghi


Modifying TiO2 nanotube using N-doping and electrochemical reductive doping as a supercapacitor electrode

صفحه 131-140
Faezeh Ghorbani؛ Shahin Khameneh Asl


Nano-Devitrification and Structural Evolution of Rapidly Solidified Amorphous Al-TM (Cu-Co)-Y (at.%) Alloy

صفحه 141-148
Maryam Salehi؛ S.G Shabestri؛ Milad Dadashi


Plasma electrolyte oxidation of hydroxyapatite-containing coating on AZ31B Mg alloy: Effects of current density and duty cycle

صفحه 149-162
Razieh Chaharmahali؛ Arash Fattah-alhosseini؛ Hamid Esfahani


Design of structures using level set topology optimization and strain energy methods

صفحه 163-172
bahman taherkhani؛ ali pourkamali anaraki؛ javad kadkhodapour


Influence of Pb and Co-doping on photocatalytic degradation performance of Zno thin films

صفحه 173-179
fatemeh Moosavi؛ Mohammad Ebrahim Bahrololoom؛ Ramin Kamjou


Gene Expression Programming for Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles: Size Evolution

صفحه 180-191
Amineh Shafaei؛ Gholam Reza Khayati


Piezoelectric properties of hot compression molded PVDF/SiC nanocomposites

صفحه 192-197
Mina Rasoolzadeh؛ Zahra Sherafat


Advances in nanocarriers as drug delivery systems in Atherosclerosis therapy

صفحه 198-210
Shadi Motamed؛ Seyed Nasir Hosseini Karimi؛ Mohammadreza Hooshyar؛ Rouhollah Mehdinavaz Aghdam


Review on Various Synthesis Methods of Bismuth Telluride Nanoparticles

صفحه 211-218
Rasmi T؛ Malini K A


Effects of structure design on electrostatic pull-in voltage of perforated nanoswitch with intermolecular surface forces

صفحه 219-227
Rachid Kerid؛ Younes Bounnah


Combined Hill-Taylor Theory: Theoretical, Experimental and Finite Element Study

صفحه 228-243
Faraz Rahimzadeh Lotfabad؛ Ramin Ebrahimi

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