Assessment of Groundwater Based Public Drinking Water Supply System of Kamrup District, Assam, India using a Modified Water Quality Index

صفحه 495-509
Jayanta Goswami؛ Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya


Trace Metals Distribution and Fractionation in Soils Around the Abandoned “Ichmoul” Pb-Zn Mill-Mine, North-East of Algeria

صفحه 511-526
Khadidja Bouzid؛ Abdelhak Boutaleb؛ Mohamed Toumi


Sustainability-based Conservation Approach to Assess the Health and Quality Condition of Aquatic Ecosystems using bed Sediment Oxygen Demand Rate and its Associated Factors (Case study: Darreh-rood River, Aras Basin, Moghan Region, NW-Iran)

صفحه 527-542
Azim Ashayeri؛ Nasser Mehrdadi؛ Gholamreza Nabi Bidhendi


Effect of Re-burn Fuel Stream Location on NO Reduction in a Model Pulverized Coal Combustor

صفحه 543-560
Ajay Kumar Sahu؛ Prakash Ghose


Assessment of water quality of Oum Er Rabia River by Microbiological Quality Index and Water Quality Index

صفحه 561-571
El Hassan Abba؛ Imam Idrissi؛ Younes Bennani؛ Adnane El Yaacoubi؛ Sanae Cherroud؛ Tarik Ainane؛ Mhamed Khaffou


Determination of the Estimated Amounts of Discarded Face Masks due to COVID 19 in Turkey

صفحه 573-584
Murat Topal؛ Emine Işıl Arslan Topal


Examining the Environmental Kuznets Curve in Sweden to Assess the Nexus of Economic Sectors

صفحه 585-606
Parisa Pakrooh؛ Runar Brännlund


Heavy Metals in Sludge Produced from UASB Treatment Plant at Mirzapur, India

صفحه 607-616
Vijai Krishna؛ Anil Kumar Pandey؛ Pankaj Kumar Gupta


Promising Potential of Electro-Coagulation Process for Effective Treatment of Biotreated Palm Oil Mill Effluents

صفحه 617-632
Amina Tahreen؛ Mohammed Saedi Jami؛ Fathilah Ali؛ Nik Mohd Farid Mat Yasin؛ Mohammed Ngabura


Electronic Waste in Bangladesh: Its Present Statutes, and Negative Impacts on Environment and Human Health

صفحه 633-642
Kudrat-E Khuda


Efficient Removal of Toxic Textile Dye using Petiole Part (Stem) of Nymphaea alba

صفحه 643-656
Abul Kalam Md. Lutfor Rahman؛ Aparna Sarker؛ Nafees Ahmed؛ Marufa Mustofa؛ Abdul Awal


Developing an Environmental-Friendly Trend of Thermal and Electrical Load Profiles in Ilam Industrial Town

صفحه 657-667
Ramezan Taheri؛ Touraj Nasrabadi؛ Hossein Yousefi


Investigation of Suspended Particle Concentrations (PM10, PM2.5, TSP) in Tehran Subway Line one Stations in the Spring and Autumn

صفحه 669-680
Zahra Sadat Mousavi Fard؛ Hassan Asilian Mahabadi؛ Farahnaz Khajehnasiri


Effect of Dilution on Nitrogen Removal from Ammonia Plant Effluent using Chlorella vulgaris and Spirulina platensis

صفحه 681-691
Jaber Safari؛ Hossein Abolghasemi؛ Mohammad Esmaili؛ Hossein Delavari Amrei؛ Reza Pourjamshidian


Removal of Fe3+ Ions from Wastewater by Activated Borassus flabellifer Male Flower Charcoal

صفحه 693-707
Goutam Kumar؛ Nusrat Tazeen Tonu؛ Palash Kumar Dhar؛ Md. Mahiuddin


Human Health Risks Associated with Potentially Harmful Elements from Urban Soils of Hamedan City, Iran

صفحه 709-722
Mahsa Tashakor؛ Soroush Modabberi


Assessment of Variations and Correlation of Ozone and its Precursors, Benzene, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon monoxide and some Meteorological Variables at two Sites of Significant Spatial Variations in Delhi, Northern India

صفحه 723-737
Ram Chhavi Sharma؛ Niharika Sharma


CO Emissions Modeling and Prediction using ANN and GIS

صفحه 739-747
Hossein Etemadfard؛ Vahid Sadeghi؛ Faleh Hassan Ali؛ Rouzbeh Shad

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