Developing a New Matrix Model to Estimate the Urban Run-Off Water Quality

صفحه 1-15
A. Sayahi؛ Mojtaba Ardestani؛ S. Partani


Profiling of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Diagnostic Ratios of Kpite Oil Spill Impacted Site in Rivers State, Nigeria

صفحه 17-24
M. C. Onojake؛ G. O. O Eromosele؛ Leo C. Osuji


A GIS-Based System for Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring and Alerting Based on OGC Sensors Web Enablement Standards

صفحه 25-41
M. Akbari؛ H. Zahmatkesh؛ M. Eftekhari


Textile Wastewater Treatment by Combination of Chemical and Phytoremediation Processes

صفحه 43-54
A. Tasneem؛ P. Sarker؛ S. Akter؛ S.S.P. Mouna؛ M. S. Rahaman؛ M. Mohinuzzaman؛ M.K. Uddin؛ M. M. Kabir


Evaluation and forecasting of PM10 air pollution in Chennai district using Wavelets, ARIMA, and Neural Networks algorithms

صفحه 55-72
J. P. Angelena؛ A. Stanley Raj؛ J. Viswanath؛ D. Muthuraj


Investigation of Atmospheric Pattern and Simulation of the Frontal Sandstorm Emission over Eastern and Southeastern Iran (case study 23 & 24 April 2019)

صفحه 73-85
M. Asghari؛ A. Meshkatee؛ A. Ranjbar Saadat Abadi؛ M. Moradi


Screening of hyperaccumulator plants tolerant to drought and salinity and its medicinal value evaluation for ecological reconstruction of copper silver tailings in Northwest China

صفحه 87-100
C. Meng؛ N. P. Song؛ J. M. Yue؛ L. Xie؛ Y. X. Zhong؛ L. T. Du


Air Pollution Exposure Mapping by GIS in Kano Metropolitan Area

صفحه 101-112
S. Oji؛ H. Adamu


Identifying the effects of climate changes on sedimentary environments and determining the sedimentation rate of south wetlands of Lake Urmia during Late Pleistocene and Holocene

صفحه 113-127
B. Mirzapour؛ R. Lak؛ M. Aleali؛ M. Djamali؛ R. Shahbazi


Genotoxic Testing of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Far Eastern Mussels, Mytilus Trossulus

صفحه 129-140
S. Kukla؛ V. Slobodskova؛ A. Mazur؛ V. Chelomin؛ Ya. Kamenev


Bioleaching of electronic waste

صفحه 141-152
M. S. Waghmode؛ A. B. Gunjal؛ N. N. Patil


The role of nanoadsorbents and nanocomposite adsorbents in the removal of heavy metals from wastewater: A review and prospect

صفحه 153-179
N. R. Nik Abdul Ghani؛ M. S. Jami؛ M. Z. Alam


Determinants of Environmental Degradation in Thailand: Empirical Evidence from ARDL and Wavelet Coherence Approaches

صفحه 181-196
T. S. Adebayo؛ G. D. Akinsola؛ J. A. Odugbesan؛ V. O. Olanrewaju


Chronological Study of Metallic Pollution Using Tree Rings at Tema Industrial Area

صفحه 197-204
G. Edusei؛ J. B. Tandoh؛ R. Edziah؛ O. Gyampo؛ H. Ahiamadjie


Analysis of heavy metal concentration in some vegetables using atomic absorption spectroscopy

صفحه 205-216
F. Abrham؛ A.V. Gholap


Modeling the Consequences of Benzene Leakage from Tank using ALOHA in Tar Refining Industrial of Kerman, Iran

صفحه 217-230
S. Shojaee Barjoee؛ M. Nikbakht؛ E. Malverdi؛ S. Zarei Mahmoud Abadi؛ M. R. Naghdi


Assessment of Annual Effective Dose Associated with Radon in Drinking Water from Gold and Bismuth Mining area of Edu, Kwara, North-central Nigeria

صفحه 231-240
T.B. Ajibola؛ M.M. Orosun؛ W. A. Lawal؛ F.C. Akinyose؛ N.B. Salawu


Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Soil of Angouran Mineral Processing Complex in Iran

صفحه 241-256
Z. Sheikhi Alman Abad؛ H. Pirkharrati؛ M. Mojarrad

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب