Body Composition Role in Predicting Sports Injuries: A Systematic Review

صفحه 71-80
Farahnaz Amirshaghaghi؛ Parisa Pournemati؛ Shahrzad Zandi


Effects of Six-week Hopping Exercise on Time to Stabilization and Perceived Stability in Athletes With Chronic Ankle Instability During Single-leg Jump-landing

صفحه 81-88
Mohammad Karimizadeh Ardakani؛ Hooman Minoonejad؛ Erik Wikstrom؛ Reza Rajabi؛ Ali Sharifnezhad


Anticipatory Electromyographic Activity and Onset Time in Selected Muscles of Lower Limb Between the Active and Inactive Old Women

صفحه 89-96
Najme Noghani Ardestani؛ Rahman Sheikhhoseini؛ Farideh Babakhani


Self-compassion and Pre-competition Anxiety in Martial Arts Student Athletes

صفحه 97-104
Mahmoud Mohebi؛ Athena Gharayagh Zandi؛ Sahar Zarei؛ Hassan Gharayagh Zandi


The Effect of Selected Exercise Group on Motor Skills and Cognitive Functions in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

صفحه 105-112
Mahbubeh Ghayour Najafabadi؛ Amir Sobh-Rhakhshankhah؛ Sepideh Niyazi


Optimal Canceling of the Physiological Tremor for Rehabilitation in Parkinson’s Disease

صفحه 113-124
Behnam Faraji؛ Zahra Esfahani؛ Kourosh Rouhollahi؛ Davood Khezri


Balance Performance With and Without Visual Information: A Comparison of Elite Players With Chronic Ankle Instability

صفحه 125-132
Zahra Raeisi؛ Ali Yalfani

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب