Biodegradation of Phenanthrene by Mixed Culture Consortia in Batch Bioreactor using Central Composite Face-Entered Design

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Biodegradation of Poly(ester urethane)s by Bacillus subtilis

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Biodegradation of Used Engine Oil Using Mixed and Isolated Cultures

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Bioremediation of Pulp and Paper mill Effluent by Dominant Aboriginal Microbes and Their Consortium

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Development of Water Quality Test Kit Based on SubstrateUtilization and Toxicity Resistance in River Microbial Communities

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Effect of the Ammonium ChlorideConcentration on the Mineral Medium Composition – Biodegradation of Phenol by a Microbial Consortium

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Fate of intermediate biodegradation products of triethyl amine in a compost-based biofiltration system

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Study on the Transport of Sediment Oxygen Demand -Related OrganicMatter in Bottom Sediment System

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The Biodegradation of Crude Oil by Bacillus subtilis Isolated from Contaminated Soil in Hot Weather Areas

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R. Jalilzadeh Yengejeh؛ M.S. Sekhavatjou؛ P. Maktabi؛ N. Arbab Soleimani؛ S. Khadivi؛ V. Pourjafarian

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