A Bi-objective Mathematical Model Toward Staff Planning Considering Cross-training

دوره 50، شماره 2، دی 2016، صفحه 221-233
Hamed Habibnejad؛ masoud Rabbani؛ Babak Javadi؛ Nastaran Ghorbani-Kutenaie


A Decision Support System for Order Acceptance/ Rejection in Hybrid MTS/ MTO Production Environment with Suppliers’ Role Consideration

دوره 47، شماره 2، دی 2013، صفحه 149-167
M. Rabbani؛ H. Vafa Arani؛ H. Rafiei


Designing Humanitarian Relief Supply Chains by Considering the Reliability of Route, Repair Groups and Monitoring Route

دوره 53، شماره 4، دی 2019، صفحه 93-126
Bahman Momeni؛ Amir Aghsami؛ Masoud Rabbani


Designing of fiber-optic network for the three-level by considering the backbone network and local access networks simultaneously

دوره 52، شماره 3، دی 2018، صفحه 379-388
masoud Rabbani؛ Mohammad Ravanbakhsh؛ Mahyar Taheri


Developing an Integrated Approach for Inventory Control, Pricing and Advertisement of Deteriorating Items

دوره 50، شماره 3، اسفند 2016، صفحه 407-4016
Masoud Rabbani؛ Nadia Pourmohammad-Zia؛ Hamed Rafiei


Joint Optimization of Multiple Products Positioning and Pricing

دوره 50، شماره 1، تیر 2016، صفحه 23-35
Masoud Rabbani؛ Hamed Rafiei؛ Emad Sane zerang


Joint Scheduling and Available-to-Promise calculation in Make-to-Forecast Production Systems

دوره 48، Special Issue، آذر 2014، صفحه 123-129
M. Rabani؛ F. Monshi؛ H. Rafiei


Multi-Objective Two-Sided Robotic Mixed-Model Assembly Line Balancing Problem Considering Energy Consumption and Smoothing Workload

دوره 54، شماره 4، دی 2020، صفحه 401-421
Aida Rezaei؛ Neda Manavizadeh؛ Masoud Rabbani؛ Saeed Mohammadzade


Robust Optimization Approach in Production Planning Problem Considering Rework, Backlogging and Breakdown under Conditions of Uncertainty: an Evolutionary Approach

دوره 47، شماره 1، تیر 2013، صفحه 25-37
Masoud Rabani؛ Nilufar Hosseini Aghozi؛ Neda Manavizadeh

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