Application of MT Forward Modeling Responses for Time-Lapse Monitoring of the Subsurface Electrical Resistivity Changes

صفحه 1-12
Ali Reza Mahallati؛ Mansooreh Montahaei


Using Electrical Properties of Some Subsurface Sedimentary Rocks as a Tool to Detect Bedding Direction

صفحه 13-26
.Mohamed M Gomaa


Two-Dimensional Magnetotelluric Modeling of the Sabalan Geothermal Field, North-West Iran

صفحه 27-37
Gholam Abbas Fanaee Kheirabad؛ Behrooz Oskooi


Improvement in the Empirical Green's Function Extraction Using Root Mean Square Ratio Stacking

صفحه 39-48
Mahsa Safarkhani؛ Taghi Shirzad


Automatic Satellite’s Streak Detection in Astronomical Images Based on Intelligent Methods

صفحه 49-64
Saeed Farzaneh؛ Mohammad Ali Sharifi؛ Mona Kosary


A Semi-Automatic 2-D Linear Inversion Algorithm Including Depth Weighting Function for DC Resistivity Data: A Case Study on Archeological Data Sets of Pompeii

صفحه 65-77
Ramin Varfinezhad؛ Behrooz Oskooi


2-D Anticlinal Structure Modeling Using Feed-Forward Neural Network (FNN) Inversion of Profile Gravity Data: A Case Study from Iran

صفحه 79-91
Ata Eshaghzadeh؛ Sanaz Seyedi Sahebari؛ Roghayeh Sadat Kalantari


Measurement Methods for Cross-Sections of Tunnels Using Reflectorless Total Stations

صفحه 93-101
Sajjad Zakeri؛ Saeed Farzaneh


A Combination of Monte-Carlo and Damped Least Square Inversion Method for Determining Radon Source in Geothermal Case

صفحه 103-116
Nandi Haerudin؛ Ida Bagus Suananda Yogi


Application of Forward and Inverse Modelling to High-Resolution Gravity Data for Mineral Exploration

صفحه 117-129
Gideon O, Layade؛ Hazeez O. Edunjobi؛ Victor Makinde؛ B. Saheed Bada


3D Gravity Cross-Correlation Imaging for Large Scale Data Analysis: Application to the Crustal Structure of Iran

صفحه 131-145
Iman Ahmadi؛ Ahmad Ghorbani؛ Abdol Hamid Ansari


Spectral Analysis of High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Data for Geothermal Energy Reconnaissance across Sokoto Basin, Northwest, Nigeria

صفحه 147-158
Taufiq Suleiman؛ F. Nneka Okeke؛ N. Daniel Obiora


Ground Based Gravimetric for the Detection and Depth Mapping of Subsurface Geological Features of Ilesha, Southwest Nigeria

صفحه 159-171
Gideon O. Layade؛ Hazeez O. Edunjobi؛ Kehinde D. Ajayi؛ D. P. Olujimi


Effect of Earth’s Magnetic Field on Prerequisites for Lightning Initiation in Thunderstorm

صفحه 173-188
Babak Sadeghi؛ Farahnaz Taghavi؛ Amir Abbas Shayegani Akmal


Investigation of the Effect of Persian Gulf Outflow Intrusion into the Oman Sea on the Acoustic Signal Fluctuations

صفحه 189-197
Nabiollah Zaiee؛ Mohammad Akbarinasab؛ Masoud Sadrinasab


Investigating the Linkage between Precipitation and Temperature Changes in Iraq and Greenhouse Gas Variability

صفحه 199-212
Jasim Al-Khalidi؛ Dher Bakr؛ Azhar Hadi؛ Meeran Omar


The Evaluations of NEX-GDDP and Marksim Downscaled Data Sets Over Lali Region, Southwest Iran

صفحه 213-230
Nejat Zeydalinejad؛ Hamid Reza Nassery؛ Ali Reza Shakiba؛ Farshad Alijani


Data Fusion and Machine Learning Algorithms for Drought Forecasting Using Satellite Data

صفحه 231-246
Ramin Mokhtari؛ Mehdi Akhoondzadeh


Verification of Rainfall Forecasts for the South Central Climate Region of Vietnam

صفحه 247-258
Van Thang Nguyen؛ Mai Van Khiem؛ Hoang-Minh Nguyen؛ Vu Van Thang


Multiple-Scale Interactions during an Extreme Rainfall Event over Southern Vietnam

صفحه 259-271
Vu Van Thang؛ Cong Thanh؛ Bui Minh Tuan

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