Learners’ Feedback on the Effectiveness of Replacing an Instructional MOOC Video with Augmented Reality in a Practice-Based Course

صفحه 1-10
Surendheran Kaliyaperumal؛ Mallika Vijayakumar


Long Short-Term Memory Approach for Coronavirus Disease Predicti

صفحه 11-21
Omar Ibrahim Obaid؛ Mazin Abed Mohammed؛ Salama A. Mostafa


Automatic Chest CT Image Findings of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) Using U-Net Based Convolutional Neural Network

صفحه 22-35
S. Akila Agnes؛ J. Anitha؛ A. Arun Solomon


An Intelligent Method for Indian Counterfeit Paper Currency Detection

صفحه 36-49
Diana Andrushia؛ Mary Neebha؛ Thusnavis Bella Mary


An Efficient Privacy-preserving Deep Learning Scheme for Medical Image Analysis

صفحه 50-67
J. Andrew Onesimu؛ J Karthikeyan


Development of Robot Journalism Application: Tweets of News Content in the Turkish Language Shared by a Bot

صفحه 68-88
Hikmet Tosyalı؛ Çiğdem Aytekin


Feature Selection and Hyper-parameter Tuning Technique using Neural Network for Stock Market Prediction

صفحه 89-108
Karanveer Singh؛ Rahul Tiwari؛ Prashant Johri؛ Ahmed A. Elngar


Classification of Lung Nodule Using Hybridized Deep Feature Technique

صفحه 109-128
Malin Bruntha؛ Immanuel Alex Pandian؛ Siril Sam Abraham

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