The Future of Bitcoin as a Tool for Financial Development

صفحه 1-15
Rafaa Ibrahim Al-Hamdani؛ Laila Abdul Karim Mohammed؛ jamal hadash mohammed


Key Factors for Defining the Conceptual Framework for Quality Assurance in E-Learning

صفحه 16-28
Marwah Khaleel Farhan؛ Hasanien Ali Talib؛ Mazin S. Mohammed


Cloud Computing Application and Its Advantages and Difficulties in the Teaching Process

صفحه 29-45
Abdul Munem Hasan Ahmed Ali؛ Husam Abdulhameed Hussein؛ Raed Ashraf Kamil Albadri؛ Omar Mohammed Dayef


The Interrelationship between Quality Costs and Pricing Decision-Making: An Exploratory Study on a Sample of Industrial Companies

صفحه 46-61
Mohammed Hazim Issmeil Al-Ghazali


The Impact of Blockchain on Accounting Information Systems

صفحه 62-80
Zeyad Hashim ALSaqa؛ Ali Ibrahim Hussein؛ Saddam Mohammed Mahmood


Social Campaigns on Online Platforms as a New Form of Public Sphere in Digital Era: A Critical Review

صفحه 81-95
Atieh Dokhanchi؛ Amir Manian؛ Mojtaba Amiri؛ Alireza Hassanzadeh

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