Synthesis a New Viral Base Vector Carrying Single Guide RNA (sgRNA) and Green Florescent Protein (GFP)

صفحه 205-209
Mahintaj Dara؛ Mehdi Dianatpour؛ Vahid Razban


Chemotaxonomy, Morphology and Chemo Diversity of Scutellaria (Lamiaceae) Species in Zagros, Iran

صفحه 211-226
Farzaneh Jafari Dehkordi؛ Navaz Kharazian


Phenol Based RNA Isolation is the Optimum Method for Study of Gene Expression in Human Urinary Sediment

صفحه 227-231
Hootan Yazdani؛ Shiva Kalantari؛ Mohsen Nafar؛ Mohammad Naji


Electropolymerization of Glycine at Carbon Paste Electrode and its Application for the Determination of Methyl Orange

صفحه 233-240
C. Raril؛ J.G. Manjunatha


Role of Hydrogen Transfer and Ionic Bonding on RR, SS and RS Medetomidine Conglomerates/Acids Stability: A Theoretical Study

صفحه 241-250
Vahid Zarei؛ Nabi Javadi؛ Zainal Ghahramani؛ Hossein Fakhraian


Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Raman Spectroscopy of Multi-Genesis Serpentine Polymorphs of Darepahn Ophiolites

صفحه 251-269
Bahram Bahrambeygi؛ Hessam Moeinzadeh؛ Seyed Kazem Alavipanah


Liu Estimates and Influence Analysis in Regression Models with Stochastic Linear Restrictions and AR (1) Errors

صفحه 271-285
Hoda Mohammadi؛ Abdolrahman Rasekh


Persian Abstract

صفحه 0-0

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