The Global Media and Information Literacy Week: Moving Towards MIL Cities

صفحه 1-4
Saied Reza Ameli؛ Alireza Salehi-Nejad


Factors Influencing Social Media Usage in the US

صفحه 5-22
Ehsan Shahghasemi؛ Zahra Emamzadeh


Mass Media vs. the Mass of Media: A Study on the Human Nodes in a Social Network and their Chosen Messages

صفحه 23-42
Shaho Sabbar؛ Donald Matheson


A Psychoanalytic Reading of Cyberspace: Problematizing the Digitalization of Oedipus Complex and the Dialectic of Subjectivity and Castration in the Cyberspace

صفحه 43-58
Abdollah Karimzadeh


Social Media and Social Mobility: Exploring the Role of Social Networks in the 2018 Boycott Campaign in Morocco

صفحه 59-78
Ayyad Echine


Agency, Cyberspace, and Social Contract

صفحه 79-100
Hassan Hosseini


Review of “Contesting Cyberspace in China: Online Expression and Authoritarian Resilience” by Rongbin Han

صفحه 101-104
Gordon Alley-Young


Review of “The People Vs Tech: How the Internet is Killing Democracy (and How We Save It)” by Jamie Bartlett

صفحه 105-107
Tim Posada

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