Hydrothermal Gold Mineralization and Some Features of Ore Mineral at Onzon-Kanbani Area, Central Myanmar

صفحه 95-103
Aung Tay Zar


The performance of bolt-reinforced and shotcreted in-stope pillar in a rockburst prone areas

صفحه 105-117
Fhatuwani Sengani


Computational and Programming Aspects of Transition Elements in a Three-dimensional Finite Element Program

صفحه 119-123
Amin Chamani؛ Vamegh Rasouli


Investigating the Effect of Sedimentary Basin on Consolidation of Kerman Fine-Grained Soils

صفحه 125-129
MohammadReza Aminizadeh؛ Iman Aghamolaie؛ Gholam Reza Lashkaripour؛ Mohammad Ghafoori؛ Naser Hafezi Moghadas


Soil Arching Behind Retaining Walls under Active Translation Mode: Review and New Insights

صفحه 131-140
Mohammad Hossein Khosravi؛ Mojtaba Bahaaddini؛ Ali Reza Kargar؛ Thirapong Pipatpongsa


Comparison of pseudo-static, Newmark and dynamic response analysis of the final pit wall of Sungun copper mine

صفحه 141-147
Hossain Noferesti؛ Ayyoob Hazegh


Tunnel design and construction process in difficult ground conditions with Analysis of Controlled Deformations (ADECO) approach; a Case Study

صفحه 149-160
Majid Taromi؛ Abbas Eftekhari


Grade estimation of Zu2 Jajarm deposit by considering imprecise variogram model parameters based on the extension principle

صفحه 161-165
Saeed Soltani؛ Abbas Soltani؛ Emad Chamanifard


Developing a 3D stochastic discrete fracture network model for hydraulic analyses

صفحه 167-175
ALI - HEYDARI؛ Seyed Esmaeil Jalali؛ Mehdi Noroozi


The application of Committee machine with particle swarm optimization to the assessment of permeability based on thin section image analysis

صفحه 177-185
Mahnaz Abedini؛ Mansur Ziaii؛ Javad Ghiasi-Freez


Implementation of Hyperbolic Tangent Function to Estimate Size Distribution of Rock Fragmentation by Blasting in Open Pit Mines

صفحه 187-197
Moein Bahadori؛ Hassan Bakhshandeh Amnieh


Comparative evaluation of Schmidt hammer test procedures for prediction of rocks strength

صفحه 199-206
Amin Jamshidi؛ Rasool Yazarloo؛ Sahar Gheiji


Back analysis of inter-ramp slope failure in Teghout copper mine

صفحه 207-214
Mostafa Asadizadeh؛ Nima Babanouri

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