Banded vegetation in some Australian semi-arid landscapes: 20 years of field observations to support the development and evaluation of numerical models of vegetation pattern evolution

صفحه 165-187
D. Dunkerley


Effects of NaCl on growth, yield and ion concentration of various Populus euphratica Oliv. ecotypes in Iran

صفحه 189-198
H. Tavakoli Neko؛ A. Shirvany؛ M.H. Assareh؛ M.R. Naghavi؛ M. Pessarakli؛ A. Pourmeidani


The impact of drought periods and wind erosion on the physical development of desert cities (Case Study: Zabol- Iran)

صفحه 199-209
A. Shahriar؛ Gh.A. Mozaffari؛ S. Poudineh


Comparison of spectrum indices for mapping soil salinity in saline lands of Chezan plain (Markazi province)

صفحه 211-220
A. Ahmadi؛ A. Kazemi؛ H. Toranjzar


Environmental requirement of living in dry areas: developing climate-based architecture and an urban development planning model in Qom, Iran

صفحه 221-232
M. Mirehei؛ M. Hajilou


Mapping spatial variability of soil salinity in a coastal area located in an arid environment using geostatistical and correlation methods based on the satellite data

صفحه 233-242
M. Samiee؛ R. Ghazavi؛ M. Pakparvar؛ A.A. Vali


Study of spatial and temporal rain and drought patterns in the south of Iran using TRMM

صفحه 243-253
M. Fatemi؛ M. Narangifard


Saltwater intrusion vulnerability assessment using AHP-GALDIT model in Kashan plain aquifer as critical aquifer in a semi-arid region

صفحه 255-264
M. Mirzavand؛ H. Ghasemieh؛ S.J. Sadatinejad؛ R. Bagheri؛ I.D. Clark


Effect of glycine betaine and salinity on photosynthetic pigments and ion concentration of safflower

صفحه 265-271
F. Alasvandyari؛ B. Mahdavi


Genetic analysis of yield, yield-components and related phenological traits of maize (Zea mays L.) to breed under moisture stress conditions

صفحه 273-283
S.S. Moosavi؛ F. Ghanbari؛ M.R. Abdollahi؛ A.R. Kiani


Is it necessarily a normally distributed data for kriging? A case study: soil salinity map of Ghahab area, central Iran

صفحه 284-293
M. Bagheri Bodaghabadi


Improving early growing stage of Festuca arundinacea Schreb. using media amendments under water stress conditions

صفحه 295-306
F. Nematollahi؛ A. Tehranifar؛ S.H. Nemati؛ F. Kazemi؛ Gh.A. Ghazanchian


Using GADI index to determine the drought and the dry areas in Kerman province

صفحه 307-314
B. Izadi؛ S. Ghazanfari؛ S. Mohammadi


Comparing soil taxonomy and WRB systems to classify soils with clay-enriched horizons (A case study: arid and semi-arid regions of Iran)

صفحه 315-325
I. Esfandiarpour؛ Z. Mosleh؛ M.H. Farpoor

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب