Impact of Buyback of Shares on Firm Value: An Empirical Evidence from India

صفحه 425-436
Pritpal Singh Bhullar؛ Dyal Bhatnagar؛ Pradeep Gupta


A CLV-Based Framework to Prioritize Promotion Marketing Strategies: A Case Study of Telecom Industry

صفحه 437-462
Yaser Nemati؛ Ali Mohaghar؛ Mohammad Hossein Alavidoost؛ Hossein Babazadeh


Factors Affecting Information Search Behavior in Purchasing an Outbound Package Tour: A Thematic Analysis

صفحه 463-486
Zahra Shekarchizadeh؛ Bahram Ranjbarian؛ Vahid Ghasemi


Barriers to Commercialization of Research Findings in Humanities in Iran

صفحه 487-518
Leila Namdarian؛ Ali Naimi-Sadigh


Impact of Terrorism, Political System and Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Stock Market Volatility

صفحه 519-546
Muhammad Ehsan Javaid؛ Shahzad Kousar


Modeling the Relationship between Sense of Place, Social Capital and Tourism Support

صفحه 547-572
Fatemeh Azizi؛ Fatemeh shekari


Investigating the Relationship between Player Types and Learning Styles in Gamification Design

صفحه 573-600
Zahra Abdollahzade؛ Seyed Mohammadbagher Jafari


Analyzing the Interrelationships between Factors Influencing Entrepreneurship Process Based on Grey DEMATEL (Case Study: Iran’s Food Industries)

صفحه 601-628
Hossein Khanifar؛ Mohammad Hossein Rahmati؛ Ali Lahoutian؛ Mohammad Reza Haddadi

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