Does Institutions Matter for Economic Development? Evidence for ASEAN Selected Countries

صفحه 1-20
Mohammad Sharif Karimi؛ Elham Heshmati Daiari


The Democracy and Environment Quality in Selected Countries: An Application of Panel Data

صفحه 21-49
Saeed Ghodrati؛ Javad Harati؛ Azim Nazari


A New Unit Root Test against Asymmetric ESTAR Nonlinearity with Smooth Breaks

صفحه 51-62
Omid Ranjbar؛ Tsangyao Chang؛ Zahra Mila Elmi؛ Chien-Chiang Lee


Foreign Trade and International Financial Flows: Implications for Economic Stability in the Selected ECOWAS Countries

صفحه 63-103
Solomon Abayomi Olakojo


The Attitudes of Iranians toward the Becker Proposition

صفحه 105-120
Narges Hajimoladarvish


Major Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the West African Economic and Monetary Region

صفحه 121-162
Akinleye Simeon Oludiran؛ Laleye Nicaise Abimbola


The Interactive Relationship between Economic Growth and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI): A VAR Analysis in Iran

صفحه 163-185
Monireh Rafat


Effective Factors on the Growth of Provinces of Iran: A Spatial Panel Approach

صفحه 187-213
Sayed Mansoor Khalili Araghi؛ Elham Nobahar؛ Mahboobeh Kabiri Renani


The Impact of Human Capital on FDI with New Evidence from Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Analysis

صفحه 215-233
Pegah Sadeghi؛ Hamid Shahrestani؛ Kambiz Hojhabr Kiani؛ Taghi Torabi


A Mathematical Programing Model of Budget Allocation for Development Disparities Reduction among Iran Provinces

صفحه 235-251
Hadi Rahmani Fazli؛ Abbas Arabmazar


Foreign Exchange Rate Pricing at the Future Contract (Case of I.R. of Iran)

صفحه 253-293
Hossein Bastanzad؛ Pedram Davoudi؛ Hossein Tavakolian


Time Series Analysis of Non-Oil Export Demand and Economic Performance in Nigeria

صفحه 295-314
Adesoye A. Bolaji؛ Adelowokan Oluwaseyi Adedayo؛ Alimi Y. Olorunfemi

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