Clinical and Radiological Evaluation of Transplanted Fresh Ear Cartilage Impregnated With the Mesenchymal Cells & PRP in Treatment of Growth Plate Injury in Lamb

صفحه 283-291
Alaa AlDirawi؛ Davood Sharifi؛ Sarang Soroori؛ Saied Bokaie؛ Roshanak Mokhtari؛ Alireza Bashiri؛ Hosein Shad؛ Rouhoulah Esanejad؛ Davoud Faskhoudi


Investigation of the Relationship between Ultrasonographic Findings and Analyses of Bladder Contents in Cats

صفحه 293-303
Somayeh Davudypoor؛ Alireza Vajhi؛ Mohammad Molazem؛ Sarang Soroori؛ Majid Masoudifard؛ Omid Zehtabvar


Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Tooth Growth in Response to Diode Laser Irradiation in Rabbits

صفحه 305-312
Moloud Davoodi؛ Amir Rostami؛ Azin Tavakoli؛ Sarang Soroori؛ Alirezaا Bahonar؛ Arash Rahimi


BHV-1 Antigen Detection in Paraffinized Lung Sections of Pneumonic Sheep Lung Using Immunohistochemistry

صفحه 313-321
Keivan Jamshidi؛ Ozlem Ozmen


Growth Performance and the Intestine Morphometry of Japanese Quail That Fed Diets Supplemented With Vitamin E and Selenium

صفحه 323-334
Hossein Zadeh Adamnezhad؛ Jamshid GhiasiGhalehkandi


Olive Leaves Extract Effects on Sperm Quality Following Experimentally-Induced Diabetes in Rats

صفحه 335-346
Masoud Alirezaei؛ Arash Kheradmand؛ Pouya Salahi؛ Afsaneh Azizi


MHC IIB Genetic Diversity and its Association With Humoral Immune Responses in Commercial Turkey

صفحه 347-356
Hassan Alkaragoly؛ Gholamraza Nikbakhat Brujeni؛ Atefeh Esmailnejad؛ Mohammad Hasanzadeh؛ Tohid Tolouei


The Effects of L-Citrulline Pretreatment on the Isometric Tension of the Isolated Perfused Rat Aorta

صفحه 357-367
Seyyed Reza Hashemi؛ Hossein Ali Arab؛ Behjat Seifi؛ Samad Muhammadnejad


Effect of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplement and Sesame as Source of N-6 on Performance and Milk Fatty Acid Profile of Holstein Dairy Cows During Transition Period

صفحه 369-379
Neda Sheikh؛ Abolfazl Zali؛ Mahdi Ganjkhanlou؛ Armin Towhidi؛ Mehdi Dehghan Banadaki


First Report of Ixodes ricinus and Rhipicephalus turanicus Infestation in Persian Leopard (Panthera Pardus Saxicolor), Golestan National Park, Iran

صفحه 381-385
Somayeh Namroodi؛ Fatemeh Arabkhazaeli؛ James Norman Miils

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