Effects of storage duration and temperature of hydro-primed wheat seeds on seed and seedling quality

صفحه 1-10
Zeinab Farajollahi؛ Hamid Reza Eisvand


Effect of application methods of phosphate and zinc sulfate fertilizers on water use efficiency and qualitative characteristics of corn under water deficit stress

صفحه 11-19
Mohammad Ali Aboutalebian؛ Noushin Fakhimi Paydar؛ Shahram Nazari


Growth and grain yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) cultivars as affected by plant densities under the fall dry land farming

صفحه 21-33
Hamdollah Eskandari؛ Ashraf Aalizadeh Amraee


‌Methods for overcoming seed dormancy in jimsonweed (Datura stramonium L.)

صفحه 35-41
Ali Abbasi Surki Ali Abbasi Surki؛ Hossein Reza Rouhi؛ Ali Moradi؛ Fathollah Zeinali؛ Javad Alimoradi


Effect of hydropriming on morphological and physiological performance of aged groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) seeds

صفحه 43-53
Ali Sepehri؛ Hossein Reza Rouhi


Prediction of emergence of Flixweed (Descurainia sophia) and Wild Oat (Avena fatua) using thermal time models in Winter Rapeseed (Brassica napus)

صفحه 55-65
Mohammad Ali Aboutalebian؛ Shahram Nazari؛ Farid Golzardi


Patterns of mitochondrial gene expression in rapeseed leaves (Brassica napus L.) at early growth stage in response to drought stress

صفحه 67-77
Mohammad Mohsenzadeh Golafazani؛ Habibollah Samizadeh Lahiji؛ Hassan Hassani Kumleh


The effect of germination temperature on antioxidant enzymes activities and seed germination of Prangos ferulacea Seeds harvested at different seed moisture content

صفحه 79-88
Ali Moradi؛ Tahereh Bazi؛ Asad Masumiasl؛ Tayebe Zaree


Cardinal temperatures for seed germination of three Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) cultivars

صفحه 89-100
Arash Mamedi؛ Reza Tavakkol Afshari؛ Mostafa Oveisi


Genetic diversity in spring wheat cultivars and relationships between traits under terminal drought stress

صفحه 101-117
Marouf Khalili؛ Mohammad Reza Naghavi


Molecular evaluation of 1RS-rye translocation distribution in the Iranian dryland wheat cultivars and elite promising lines

صفحه 119-128
صابر گلکاری؛ Afsaneh Hasaniani


Co-inoculation with Mesorhizobium ciceri and PGPR can improve chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) growth in rain-fed and irrigated conditions

صفحه 129-140
Vahideh Khaleghnezhad؛ Farhad Jabbari؛ Alireza Yousefi؛ Ahmad Asgharzadeh


Optimal plant spacing of Lallemantia iberica under rainfed and supplementary irrigation

صفحه 141-147
Farzad Sane؛ Alireza Pirzad

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب