Environmental Quality and Growth Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria

صفحه 125-140
Saibu Muibi Olufemi؛ Peter Mesagan Ekundayo


Income Convergence toward USA: New Evidences for Latin and South American Countries

صفحه 141-162
Omid Ranjbar؛ Tsangyao Chang؛ Chien-Chiang Lee


Aggregate and Disaggregate Energy Consumption Relation with GDP: Evidence for Iran

صفحه 163-174
Eisa Maboudian؛ Khashayar Seyyed-Shokri


An Analysis the Effect of Capital Taxation on Allocation of Resources: A Dynamic Equilibrium Model Approach

صفحه 175-186
Hojjat Izadkhasti؛ Abbas Arabmazar


Assessing the Iranian Fiscal Sustainability in Past and Future through Tax Side of the Economy

صفحه 187-201
Mahsa Fathalizadeh


A Panel Data Analysis of South Korea’s Trade with OPEC Member Countries: The Gravity Model Approach

صفحه 203-224
Ehsan Rasoulinezhad؛ Gil Seong Kang


Government and Central Bank Interaction under Uncertainty: A Differential Games Approach

صفحه 225-259
Jacob Engwerda؛ Davoud Mahmoudinia؛ Rahim Dalali Isfahani


Exchange Rate Misalignment in Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC): Focusing on Iran

صفحه 261-276
Amir H. Mozayani؛ Sanaz Parvizi

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