Application of gravity separators for enrichment of South Chah-Palang tungsten ore

صفحه 1-12
Hamid Hedayati Sarab-shahrak؛ Mohammad Noaparast؛ Sied Ziaedin Shafaei Tonkaboni؛ Sied Mehdi Hosseini


A real-time approach toward the chemical quality control of rock material (Case study: Gravel mines in Semnan, Iran

صفحه 13-22
Behzad Tokhmechi؛ Seyed Fazlolah Saghravani؛ Parham Janfeshan Araghi؛ Hosein Marvi؛ Mohamad Esmaeel Borhani؛ Abolfazl Darbani


Geological Hazards analysis in Urban Tunneling by EPB Machine (Case study: Tehran subway line 7 tunnel)

صفحه 23-36
Hassan Bakhshandeh Amnieh؛ Mohammad Saber Zamzam؛ M.R. Mozdianfard


Application of fractal modeling and PCA method for hydrothermal alteration mapping in the Saveh area (Central Iran) based on ASTER multispectral data

صفحه 37-48
Mirko Ahmadfaraj؛ Mirsaleh Mirmohammadi؛ Peyman Afzal


Accuracy evaluation of different statistical and geostatistical censored data imputation approaches (Case study: Sari Gunay gold deposit)

صفحه 49-60
Babak Ghane؛ Omid Asghari


The reclamation of mica flakes from tailing disposal using gravity separators and flotation

صفحه 61-76
Seied Mohammad Raoof Hoseini؛ Ataalah Bahrami؛ Mostafa Hosseinzadeh


Identification of Ti- anomaly in stream sediment geochemistry using of stepwise factor analysis and multifractal model in Delijan district, Iran

صفحه 77-95
Feridon Ghadimi؛ Mohammad Ghomi؛ Mojtaba Aref Sedigh


Effects of Weak Layer Angle and Thickness on the Stability of Rock Slopes

صفحه 97-110
Garmondyu E Crusoe Jr؛ Qing-xiang Cai؛ Ji-sen Shu؛ Liu Han؛ Yamah Barvor


A New Analytical Solution for Determination of Acceptable Overall settlement of Heap Leaching Structures Foundation

صفحه 111-120
Emad Khorasani؛ mehdi amini؛ Saeed Soltani-Mohammadi


Estimation of the Ampere Consumption of Dimension Stone Sawing Machine Using of Artificial Neural Networks

صفحه 121-130
Ahmad Aryafar؛ Reza Mikaeil


An imperialist competitive algorithm for solving the production scheduling problem in open pit mine

صفحه 131-143
Mojtaba Mokhtarian Asl؛ Javad Sattarvand


Transient Fluid Flow Modeling in Fractured Aquifer of Sechahoon Iron Mine Using Finite Element Method

صفحه 145-156
Mojtaba Darabi؛ Abdolhamid Ansari؛ Nader Fathianpour؛ Ahmad Ghorbani

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