Effect of Antibiotics on the Germination and Root Elongation of Argentine Intensive Crops

صفحه 471-480
D. Eluk؛ O. G. Nagel؛ J. Zimmermann؛ M. P. Molina؛ R. L. Althaus


Environmental Variability of Tropical Sandy Beaches Across an Anthropic Gradient: The Case of Central Veracruz (Southwestern Gulf of Mexico)

صفحه 481-490
G. Hidalgo؛ M. R. Castañeda-Chávez؛ A. Granados-Barba؛ B. E. Brenda Elizabeth


Effects of Indigenous Microbial Consortium in Crude Oil Degradation: A Microcosm Experiment

صفحه 491-498
M. H. A. Asadirad؛ M. Mazaheri Assadi؛ H. Rashedi؛ T. Nejadsattari


Investigating Reworks in Green Building Construction Projects: Magnitude, Influential Factors, and Solutions

صفحه 499-510
B. G Hwang؛ M. Shan؛ E. K. Tan


Recovery of Metals from Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Using a Combination of Hydrometallurgical and Biometallurgical Processes

صفحه 511-518
B. Harikrushnan؛ G. Shreyass؛ G. Hemant؛ M. Pandimadevi


Simultaneous Removing SO2 and NO by Ammonia-FeⅡ EDTA Solution Coupled with Iron Regeneration

صفحه 519-524
J. Han؛ X. Yao؛ L. B. Qin؛ M. Jiang؛ F. T. Xing؛ W. S. Chen


A Comparative Study on Removal Efficiency of Sulphide and Cod from the Tannery Effluent by Using Oxygen Injection and Aeration

صفحه 525-530
M. Kothiyal؛ M. Kaur؛ A. Dhiman


Road Traffic Effects in Size-segregated Ambient Particle-bound PAHs

صفحه 531-542
W. Rogula-Kozłowska؛ B. Kozielska؛ P. Rogula-Kopiec


Modelling and Optimization of Homogenous Photo-Fenton Degradation of Rhodamine B by Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Network

صفحه 543-554
F. Speck؛ S. Raja؛ V. Ramesh؛ V. Thivaharan


Treatment of Petrochemical Wastewater by the Green Algae Chlorella Vulgaris

صفحه 555-560
R. Madadi؛ A. A. Pourbabaee؛ M. Tabatabaei؛ M.A. Zahed؛ M. R. Naghavi


Trace and Rare-earth Elements in Natural Ground Waters: Weathering Effect of Water-Rock Interaction

صفحه 561-574
A. Zhuravlev؛ M. Berto؛ M. Arabadzhi؛ J. Gabrieli؛ C. Turetta؛ G. Cozzi؛ C. Barbante


Thallium Uptake and Translocation in Barley and Sunflower Grown in Hydroponic Conditions

صفحه 575-582
D. J. Kim؛ B. C. Park؛ B. K. Ahn؛ J. H. Lee


The Effect of Nutrients on the Degradation of Hydrocarbons in Mangrove Ecosystems by Microorganisms

صفحه 583-592
F. Semboung Lang؛ C. Tarayre؛ J. Destain؛ F. Delvigne؛ P. Druart؛ M. Ongena؛ P. Thonart


Flocculation of Microalgae via pH Change in a Turbulent Medium and Subsequent Filtration

صفحه 593-600
J. M. Vera Morales؛ L. A. Ramirez Romero؛ M. Vanthoor-Koopmans


Assessment of Tourism Climate Opportunities and Threats for Villages Located in the Northern Coasts of Iran

صفحه 601-612
S. R. Akbarian Ronizi؛ Gh. R. Roshan؛ S. Negahban


Methane Biogas Production from Mixing of Algae and Municipal Solid Waste by Anaerobic Digestion

صفحه 613-624
A. H. Ali؛ Z. Abdul Razaq؛ Y. Tlaiaa؛ A. D. Khishala


The Modeling of Precipitation and Future Droughts of Mashhad Plain using Stochastic Time Series and Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)

صفحه 625-636
B. Salahi؛ A. Nohegar؛ M. Behrouzi


Total Use of Microalgae as Feedstock for Biodiesel and Pellet Production

صفحه 637-644
P. Alvarez؛ J. L. Salgueiro؛ L. Perez؛ A. Cancela؛ A. Sanchez؛ L. Ortiz


LCA Frameworks integration in Carbon Footprint Modeling of Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle Power Plant for Sustainable Planning in Iran

صفحه 645-654
M. Shafiepour Motlagh؛ Kh. Ashrafi؛ F. Dalir


Testing the Effectiveness of the European Cross-compliance Standard 3.1 “Ploughing in Good Soil Moisture Conditions”

صفحه 655-666
R. Francaviglia؛ A. M. Carroni؛ P. Bazzoffi؛ A. Troccoli؛ L. Borrelli؛ R. Napoli؛ D. Ventrella؛ F. Montemurro؛ F. Chiarini

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