Physical and theoretical modeling of rock slopes against block-flexure toppling failure

صفحه 155-171
Mehdi Amini؛ Mohammad Golamzadeh؛ Mohammad Khosravi


RAM analysis of earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines: A case study

صفحه 173-185
Hasel Amini Khoshalan؛ Seyed Rahman Torabi؛ Seyed Hadi Hoseinie؛ Behzad Ghodrati


Application of tests of goodness of fit in determining the probability density function for spacing of steel sets in tunnel support system

صفحه 187-203
Farnoosh Basaligheh؛ Ali Keyhani


Stability assessment of the Farrokhi earth embankment dam using the pseudo-static and deformation based methods

صفحه 205-220
Hamzeh Fallah؛ Hossain Noferesti


Mineral resources and geo-engineering

صفحه 221-233
Fathi Habashi


Managing in situ gold concentrations in placers

صفحه 235-243
Alexandr Mikhailov


Investigation on life cycle assessment of lead and zinc production

صفحه 245-252
Sabere Nazari؛ Mehdi Gharabaghi


High performance of the support vector machine in classifying hyperspectral data using a limited dataset

صفحه 253-268
Amir Salimi؛ Mansour Ziaii؛ Mahdieh Hosseinjani Zadeh؛ Ali Amiri؛ Sadegh Karimpouli


Internal erosion under spillway rested on an embankment dam

صفحه 269-279
Mohammad Sedghi-Asl؛ Mansour Parvizi؛ Mohsen Armin؛ Raul Flores-Berrones


Gas migration through cement slurries analysis: A comparative laboratory study

صفحه 281-288
Arian Velayati؛ Ezatallah Kazemzadeh؛ Hamid Soltanian؛ Behzad Tokhmechi


Effects of statistical distribution of joint trace length on the stability of tunnel excavated in jointed rock mass

صفحه 289-296
Kayvan Ghorbani؛ Mohsen Zahedi؛ Ahmad Asaadi


On the selection of an appropriate excavation pattern for urban tunnels with big cross-section: A case study

صفحه 297-307
Roohallah Bolghonabai؛ Mohammad Farouq Hossaini؛ Mohammad Mohammadi؛ Ali Nazem

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