Optical dating of Holocene lake bed sediments of the Nimbluk Plain, Khorasan, Northeast Iran: Implications for the climate change and palaeo-environment

صفحه 1-12
Morteza Fattahi؛ Richard Walker


Moment tensor and stress inversion for an active fault system in west part of Lut-Block, Iran

صفحه 13-22
Nina Ataei؛ Mahdi Rezapour


Attenuation of Fourier spectra for 2012 Ahar–Varzaghan earthquakes, Northwestern Iran

صفحه 23-38
Meghdad Samaei؛ Masakatsu Miyajima؛ Nobuoto Nojima


Development of a regional attenuation relationship for Alborz, Iran

صفحه 39-50
Azad Yazdani؛ Milad Kowsari؛ Sargol Amani


A comparison between the Kazerun (Iran) and the North Anatolian (Turkey) fault systems in fault interaction and seismicity migration based on the spatiotemporal analysis of earthquakes

صفحه 51-67
Azra Hasanlou؛ Sayed Naser Hashemi


Relationship between head wave amplitudes and seismic refraction velocities to detect lateral variation in the refractor

صفحه 69-76
Ramin Nikrouz


Application of 2D inversion of magnetotelluric in exploration of hydrocarbon in south west of Iran

صفحه 77-88
Mohammad Ali Shahrabi؛ Mohammad Kazem Hafizi؛ Hosein Hashemi؛ Pejman Shahsavari


Application of different inverse methods for combination of vS and vGPR data to estimate porosity and water saturation

صفحه 89-94
Ramin Varfinezhad؛ Mohamd Kazem Hafizi؛ Hosein Hashemi


Reconnaissance exploration of potential geothermal sites in Kerman province, using Curie depth calculations

صفحه 95-104
Azadeh Hojat؛ Cathrine Fox Maule؛ Kumar Hemant Singh


Interpretation of gravity anomalies via terracing method of the profile curvature

صفحه 105-113
Mahnaz Eskandari؛ Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani


Depth estimation of gravity anomalies by S-transform of analytic signal

صفحه 115-124
Naeim Mousavi؛ Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani


Lut 009, an H4 (S2, W4) ordinary chondrite meteorite from Lut Desert of Iran

صفحه 125-130
Hamed Pourkhorsandi؛ Hassan Mirnejad؛ Pierre Rochette؛ Jamshid Hassanzadeh


Contributions of Atlantic Ocean to June-August Rainfall over Uganda and Western Kenya

صفحه 131-140
Bob Alex Ogwang؛ Victor Ongoma؛ Wilson Gitau


Investigation of the atmospheric circulation anomalies associated with extreme rainfall events over the Coastal West Africa

صفحه 141-149
Kpaikpai Batebana؛ Bob Alex Ogwang؛ Zin Mie Mie Sein؛ Faustin Katchele Ogou؛ Victor Ongoma؛ Jean Paul Ngarukiyimana

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