The Politics of Consumption Taxes: Globalization and the Median Voter

صفحه 1-24
Mahnoush Abdollah Milani؛ Arian Daneshmand


The Sources of Labor Productivity Growth in Norway, South Korea and Iran: A Structural Decomposition Analysis

صفحه 25-45
Esfandiar Jahangard؛ Reza Ghazal؛ Elnaz Ayoughi


Capital Gains Tax and Housing Price Bubble: A Cross-Country Study

صفحه 47-71
Ali Akbar Gholizadeh


The Influence of Structural Changes in Volatility on Shock Transmission and Volatility Spillover among Iranian Gold and Foreign Exchange Markets

صفحه 73-86
Mohammad Mahdi Shahrazi؛ Zahra (Mila) Elmi؛ Esmaiel Abounoori؛ Saeed Rasekhi


Time-Varying Monetary Policy Reaction Function: The Case of Iran

صفحه 87-103
Akbar Komijania؛ Sayed Mansoor Khalili Araghi؛ Hossein Abasinejad؛ Hossein Tavakolian


Tehran Stock Price Modeling and Forecasting Using Support Vector Regression (SVR) and Its Comparison with the Classic Model ARIMA

صفحه 105-130
Saeed hajibabaei؛ Nematollah hajibabaei؛ Syed mohammad hoseini؛ Somaye hajibabaei؛ sajad hajibabaei


Foreign Investment as Main Factor for Successful Funds and Its Effect on Trade Balance Strategic Technology Adoption under Technological Uncertainty

صفحه 131-151
R. Mohseni؛ A. Charmgar


Corruption Effect on Persian Gulf Countries’ Environmental Policy

صفحه 153-176
Maryam Asghari

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