Residual archives on organochlorine insecticides in the core sediment of a tropical estuary, India

صفحه 347-362
Akhil P.S.؛ Sujatha H


Assessment and control of VOCs emitted from gas stations in Tehran, Iran

صفحه 363-371
Hamid Reza Eisaei؛ Seyed Shaho Ahmadi Dehrashid؛ Mohammad Reza Khani؛ Seyed Mukhtar Hashemi


Potential of Lemna minor in Ni and Cr removal from aqueous solution

صفحه 373-385
Chandrima Goswami؛ Arunabha Majumder


Environmental policy and management of freshwater resources in the Haraz-Ghareh Su Basin in comparison to other Caspian sub basins

صفحه 387-402
Amir Hedayati Aghmashhadi؛ Hamidreza Jafari؛ Naser Mehrdadi؛ Hedayat Fahmi؛ Parvin Farshchi


Evaluation of kinetics and adsorption isotherms for the Elimination of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions using Aloe barbadensis Miller Leaf Powder

صفحه 403-415
R Malik؛ Suman Lata؛ Sushila Singhal


Application of AERMOD to local scale diffusion and dispersion modeling of air pollutants from cement factory stacks (Case study: Abyek Cement Factory)

صفحه 417-426
Alireza Noorpoor؛ H. R. Rahman


Cost Appraisal of Municipal Solid Waste Transfer to Disposal Site Using Visual Basic Program

صفحه 427-439
David Olukanni؛ Samuel Iroko؛ Adeniyi Aremu


Driving patterns as a contributing factor to light-duty vehicular emission in the Kumasi metropolis

صفحه 441-449
Godfred Owusu- Boateng؛ Francis Nabena


Positive effects of Vitamin C in arsenic trioxide and sodium fluoride induced genotoxicity and oxidative stress in mice in vivo

صفحه 451-460
Prasenjit Roy؛ Anita Mukherjee؛ Sarbani Giri


Micro and Small Enterprises in Solid Waste Management: Experience of Selected Cities and Towns in Ethiopia: A Review

صفحه 461-427
Yohannes Tefera Damtew؛ Biniyam Negussie Desta

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب