Market Structure and Price Adjustment in the Iranian Tea Market

صفحه 1-19
Seyed Safdar Hosseini؛ Zahra Alizadeh Khalifehmahaleh


Feasibility Study of Liquefied Natural Gas Project for the "South-Pars" Gas Field of Iran

صفحه 21-33
Mansour Khalili Araghi؛ Ameneh Haji Heidari؛ Zeinab Kasraei


The Impact of Monetary Regime on the Exchange Rate Pass-Through under Exchange Rate Volatility (Dynamic Panel Data Approach)

صفحه 35-50
Ali Reza Kazerooni؛ Behzad Salmani؛ Majid Feshari


Crowding out Effect of Foreign Aid in Selected Developing Countries: Panel Data Evidence

صفحه 35-50
Sadegh Bakhtiari؛ Hojjat Izadkhasti؛ Seyed Komail Tayebi


Financial Depth – Financial Repression Linkage

صفحه 65-81
Farshid Pourshahabi؛ Yousef Elyasi


A Differential Oligopoly Game with Sticky Prices and Environmental Externality

صفحه 83-106
Amir Mansour Tehranchian؛ Samad Yadollahpour Arabi


A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Estimate the Import of Smuggling in Iran

صفحه 107-129
Mohammad Hossien Pourkazemi؛ Mohammad Naser Sherafat؛ Zahra Delfan Azari


The Role of Credit in Women’s Employment the Case of Women’s Cooperatives in Iran

صفحه 131-159
Zahra Karimi

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