Exploratory palynological analysis of Quaternary lacustrine deposits around Damavand volcano, Northern Iran

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Jyoti Sharma؛ Habib Alimohammadian؛ Amavala Bhattacharyya؛ Parminder Ranhotra؛ Morteza Djamali؛ Steffen Scharrer؛ Angela Bruch


Biostratigraphy and paleo-ecological reconstruction on Scleractinian reef corals of Rupelian-Chattian succession (Qom Formation) in northeast of Delijan area

صفحه 11-24
Mahnaz Karevan؛ Hosein Vaziri-Moghaddam؛ Asadollah Mahboubi؛ Reza Moussavi-Harami


Petrophysical and durability tests on sandstones for the evaluation of their quality as building stones using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)

صفحه 25-43
Mohamad Hossein Ghobadi؛ Reza Babazadeh؛ Saeed Khodabakhsh


A GIS-based comparative study of the analytic hierarchy process, bivariate statistics and frequency ratio methods for landslide susceptibility mapping in part of the Tehran metropolis, Iran

صفحه 45-61
Samad Moradi؛ Mohsen Rezaei


Crystallographic preferred orientations analysis of quartz crystals in Psammite using electron backscatter diffraction,western Ireland

صفحه 63-71
Aziz Rahimi-Chakdel


A review of research dealing with isotope hydrology in Iran and the first Iranian meteoric water line

صفحه 73-86
Abdollah Shamsi؛ Gholam Kazemi


Chemistry of minerals and mass changes of elements during sodiccalcic alteration of the Panj-Kuh intrusive body (Damghan, Iran)

صفحه 87-102
Maryam Sheibi


Geochemical and isotopic (Nd and Sr) constraints on elucidating the origin of intrusions from northwest Saveh, Central Iran

صفحه 103-123
Mehdi Rezaei-Kahkhaei؛ Dariush Esmaeily؛ Carmen Carmen Galindo Francisco


Persian Abstracts

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