Relationship between mental skill and sport injuries in soccer players of Tehrans team in premier league

صفحه 89-102
Karim Biglar؛ Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh؛ Mohammad Khabiri


Comparing the severity of knee Osteoarthritis and its outcomes in the veteran endurance runners and non-athletes

صفحه 103-117
Mohammad Hosein Hamidi؛ Mohammad Samavati Sharif؛ Azar Aghayari


The effect of trunk massage on heart rate of female rowers in serial activities

صفحه 119-130
Saeed Ghaeeni؛ Farid Mohammad Zadeh؛ Mehdi Abbaspoor؛ Faranak Amir Khani


The effect of functional fatigue on dynamic balance in girl students with different plantar arch

صفحه 131-151
Forough Moeini؛ Azar Aghayari؛ Seyed Hamed Mousavi


Effect of a period of resistive and balance exercises on the balance of cerebral palsy children: a case study

صفحه 153-166
Mehrnoosh Esmailiyan؛ Seyyed Mohammad Marandi؛ Fahimeh Esfarjani


The comparsion of peak vertical ground reaction forces and leg muscles electromyography during single leg drop landing between men with genu varum deformity and normal knee from different height

صفحه 167-187
Seyyed Kazem Mosavi؛ Seyed Sadreddin Shojaeddin؛ Raghad Memar


Three methods of exercise Pilates, yoga and Aktyvrayj on range of motion and upper extremity edema and body image in women with breast cancer after

صفحه 189-201
Maryam Ghorbani؛ Yahya Sokhangouei


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