Designing a Knowledge Management Excellence Model Based on Interpretive Structural Modeling

صفحه 351-374
Mirza Hassan Hosseini؛ Mehdi Akbari


The Role of Knowledge Management in E-Business Strategy

صفحه 375-394
Ali Khalouei؛ Ali Asghar Pourezat؛ Mahdi shamizanjani


Factors Affecting the Development of E-Commerce Application in Textile and Clothing Companies in Isfahan

صفحه 395-418
Ali Ranjbaraki؛ Gholamreza Eskandarian


Segmentation of Internet Banking Users Based on Expectations: A Data Mining Approach

صفحه 419-434
Shahriar Azizi؛ Vahid Hossein Abadi؛ Mohammad Balaghi Inanlou


Investigating the Impact of Virtual Communities on Furtherance of Customers’ Buying Behavior

صفحه 435-454
Mohammad Fathian؛ Mohammad Hosseini


An Investigation into the Portal Content Universality of 5 Big Municipalities in Iran: A multi Case Study

صفحه 455-477
Shahin Ghasemi؛ Somayyeh Bakhshandeh؛ Parvaneh Komijani


Presenting a New Method for Link Prediction in Social Networks

صفحه 475-486
Azam Keypour؛ Morteza Barari؛ Hossein Shirazi


Investigating the Indicators Affecting the Success of Modern Banking Services Strategies from the View Point of Managers and Experts of Ansar Bank

صفحه 487-504
Alireza Naderi؛ yaser Ghasemi nezhad


Investigating Knowledge Management Infrastructure in a Military University

صفحه 505-528
Gholamhossein Nikoukar؛ Mohammadreza Soltani؛ Amin Pashaee Houlasoo


English Abstracts

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