On the Mechanical Properties of Chiral Carbon Nanotubes

صفحه 1-9
Mahnaz Zakeri؛ Mahdi Shayanmehr


Effect of Incorporation of Inhibitor Loaded Mesoporous Silica on the Corrosion Behavior of Epoxy Coatings

صفحه 11-17
Mahdi Yeganeh؛ Mohsen Saremi؛ Ahmad Keyvani


Optical Properties of ZnO Nanowires and Nanorods Synthesized by Two Step Oxidation Process

صفحه 19-24
Vahid ghafouri؛ Mohsen Shariati؛ Akbar Ebrahimzad


Discontinuous Dynamic Recrystallization during Accumulative Back Extrusion of a Magnesium Alloy

صفحه 25-29
S.M. Fatemi-Varzaneh؛ A. Zarei-Hanzaki؛ R. Vaghar


Characterization of Rod-like High-purity Fluorapatite Nanopowders Obtained by Sol-gel Method

صفحه 31-37
Nasrin Sasani؛ Heydar Khadivi Ayask؛ Seyed Mojtaba Zebarjad؛ Jalil Vahdati Khaki


Rapid Synthesis of Nanostructured Pure Anatase TiO2 with High Thermal Stability by Polymeric Sol-Gel Route

صفحه 39-45
Vahideh T. Kajineh Baf؛ Hosein Sarpoulaki


Damage Assessment in Glass Fiber-Epoxy Matrix Composite under High Velocity Impact of Ice

صفحه 47-54
Shokoofeh Dolati؛ Abdolhosein Fereidoon؛ Ali Sabet


Nanocrystallization in Co67Cr7Fe4Si8B14 Amorphous Alloy Ribbons

صفحه 55-59
Zahra Jamili-Shirvan؛ Mohsen H. Sabzevar


A Novel Method to Decrease Micro-residual Stresses of Fibrous Composites by Adding Carbon Nanotube

صفحه 61-66
M. M. Shokrieh؛ A. Daneshvar؛ M. Chitsazzadeh


The Effects of Nano In2O3 and ZnO on the CO Gas Detection of the SnO2 Sensor

صفحه 67-74
Babak Hashemi؛ R. Atazadegaan

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