The Effect of Intervening Variables on Productivity of IT Investment in Research Centers

صفحه 113-125
A. Albadvi؛ F. Darabian؛ S. H. Zegordi


An Extended EM Algorithm to Solve a Developed Portfolio Selection Problem

صفحه 127-134
E. Teimoury؛ A. Aliahmadi؛ M.H. Babaei


Fuzzy FMEA Application to Improve Workflow in Operating Rooms

صفحه 135-147
R. Khasha؛ M. M. Sepehri؛ T. Khatibi؛ A.R. Soroush


A Decision Support System for Order Acceptance/ Rejection in Hybrid MTS/ MTO Production Environment with Suppliers’ Role Consideration

صفحه 149-167
M. Rabbani؛ H. Vafa Arani؛ H. Rafiei


Developing an Intelligent Model to Optimize Linear- Repetitive Projects Scheduling

صفحه 169-182
H. Rezaei؛ P. Ghobadi؛ A. Nazari؛ M. T. Isaai


Application of Integrated Concept of IF-AHP and FSIR in Balance Score Card for Evaluating Performance of Information Technology Department of Bank Systems

صفحه 183-200
M. Zareinejad؛ S. M. H. Hojjati


Decision Making with a Fuzzy Expert System in Order to Select the Appropriate Tourists’ Residence Location

صفحه 201-213
B. Sohrabi؛ S. Fazli؛ K. Tahmasebipur؛ I. Raeesi Vanani


Multi- Objective Vehicle Routing Problem with Occasional Goods

صفحه 215-228
A.R. Eydi؛ S.A. Ghasemi-Nezhad؛ H. Mohagheghi


Portfolio Selection Problem with Eliminated Correlation between Indices Based on Fundamental Approach

صفحه 229-240
A. A. Najafi؛ S. M. Mansouri

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