An Analysis Of Energy Consumption In Transportation And Industrial Sectors- A Multiplicative LMDI Approach With Application To Iran

صفحه 1-17
Ebrahim Hosseini Nasab؛ Robab Aalami؛ Shermineh Foroughi Dahr؛ Mohammad Amin Sadeghzadeh


The Effect Of Trade Openness On Environmental Quality: Evidence From Iran's Trade Relations With The Selected Countries Of The Different Blocks

صفحه 19-40
Seyed Komail Tayebi؛ Sanaz Younespour


Identification Of Key Sectors For Iran, South Korea And Turkey Economies: A Network Theory Approach

صفحه 41-63
Esfandiar Jahangard؛ Vida Keshtvarz


The Impact Of ICT On Trade In Persian Gulf Countries

صفحه 63-73
Tayebeh Farahani؛ Reza Parvardeh


What is "Race-To-The-Bottom" Effect On FDI Inflow?

صفحه 75-93
Maryam Asghari


The Impact Of Institutional Quality On Relation Between Resource Abundance And Economic Growth

صفحه 95-110
Asghar Mobarak؛ Ali Karshenasan


The Role Of Infrastructure In Promoting Economic Growth In Iran

صفحه 111-132
Sakineh Sojoodi؛ Fakhri Mohseni Zonuzi؛ Nasim Mehin Aslani Nia


The Impact Of Modern Technology On Demand For Money In Iran

صفحه 133-148
Amir Mansour Tehranchian؛ Ahmad Jafari Samimi؛ Aghdas Yazdandoust

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