Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis In OIC Countries: Evidence From Panel Unit Root Tests With Heterogeneous Structural Breaks

صفحه 1-12
Zahra (Mila) Elmi؛ Omid Ranjbar


A Hybrid Intelligent System For Forecasting Gasoline Price

صفحه 13-31
Hamid Abrishami؛ Mohsen Mehrara؛ Mehdi Ahrari؛ Vida Varahrami


Investigation On The Impact Of An Energy De-subsidization Shock On The General Price Index Via A Nonlinear Inflation Model: Case Of Iran

صفحه 33-51
Asghar Shahmoradi؛ Hamed Shakouri


The Impact Of Government Expenditure On GDP, Employment And Private Investment A CGE Model Approach

صفحه 53-76
Masoome Fouladi


Weak-Form Efficiency In The German Stock Market

صفحه 77-94
Shahram Fattahi


The Stringency Of Environmental Regulations And Technological Change: A Specific Test Of The Porter Hypothesis

صفحه 95-115
Maryam Asghari


Tests Of The Fama And French Three Factor Model In Iran

صفحه 117-132
Majid Rahmani Firozjaee؛ Zeinab Salmani Jelodar


Factors Affecting The Non-oil Exports In Iranian Economy

صفحه 133-154
Ali Farhadi؛ Farhad Ghaffari؛ Mahdi Taghavi

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