R&D Spillovers, Trade Integration And Expansion Of Trade Flows In East- West Asia And Pacific

صفحه 1-15
Seyed Komail Tayebi؛ Fereshte Eshraghi


A Comparative Approximate Economic Behavior Analysis Of Support Vector Machines And Neural Networks Models

صفحه 17-40
Amin Gharipour؛ Morteza Sameti؛ Ali Yousefian


Economic Factors In Determining The Penetration Coefficient Of Mobile Phone In Iran

صفحه 41-49
Mansour Khalili Araghi؛ Ghahreman Abdoli


Productivity Changes Of Food Processing Industries In Provinces Of Iran; 1992- 2001 A Non-Parametric Malmquist Approach

صفحه 51-65
Farhad Rahbar؛ Reza Memarian


A Comparison Between Growth And Value Stocks Of Listed Companies In Tehran Stock Exchange

صفحه 67-81
Mahmood Yahyazadehfar؛ Hassanali Aghajani؛ Meisam Shahbandeh


Reform And Efficiency: An Application To Iranian Regional Electricity Companies

صفحه 83-104
Mohsen Pourebadollahan Covich؛ Archana Aggarwal


Assessment Of The Role Of Inequality And Income Distribution Factors In The Third Economic Development Plan ( With Emphasis On Direct Taxes)

صفحه 105-123
Hamid Abrishami؛ Mohsen Mehrara؛ Ali Sadeghein


Fiscal Decentralization And Economic Growth: A Nonlinear Model For Provinces Of Iran

صفحه 125-133
Ahmad Jafari Samimi؛ Saeed Karimi Petanlar؛ Gholamreza Keshavarz Haddad؛ Mohammad Alizadeh

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