Study of wheat grain protein increasing through foliar application of nitrogen after anthesis

صفحه 1-5
M. Seilsepour


An estimation of the temperature of Lut desert using MODIS sensor data

صفحه 7-15
G. Azizi؛ S.K. Alavi Panah؛ N. Goodarzi؛ M. Kazemi


Effect of water stress on seed germination of Artemisia spicigera & Artemisia fragrans

صفحه 17-21
H. Azarnivand؛ M. Sourib؛ V. Etemad


Validation of air freezing index (AFI), for determination of frost penetration depth in typical arid and semi-arid zones of Iran

صفحه 23-31
A. Khalili؛ H. Rahimi؛ Z. Agha Shariatmadari


Wheat yield prediction through agrometeorological indices for Hamedan, Iran

صفحه 33-38
S. Bazgeer؛ Gh. Kamali؛ A. Mortazavi


A study of salinity variation (EC & SAR) in agricultural lands, Kermanshah province

صفحه 39-46
M. Jafari؛ M. Souri؛ H. Azarnivand؛ M. Makhdom؛ V. Etemad؛ M. Aghayi


Application of geostastical methods for determining annual precipitation in Karoon and Dez basins

صفحه 47-52
GH.R. Zehtabian؛ A. Malekian؛ H. M. Asgari؛ A. Zoratipour


Optimisation of irrigation system in arid land pistachio orchards

صفحه 53-60
M. Dastorani؛ M. Heshmati؛ M. A. Sadeghzadeh


Testing the four models for prediction of gully head advancement (case study: Hableh Rood basin- Iran)

صفحه 61-68
H. Ahmadi؛ A. A. Mohammadi؛ J. Ghodousi؛ A. Salajegheh


Analysis of sand dunes to determine wind direction and detect sand source sites (case study: Khartooran Erg, Iran)

صفحه 69-75
N. Mashhadi؛ H. Ahmadi؛ M. R. Ekhtesasi؛ S. Feiznia؛ G. Feghhi


Investigation of pedological criterion on land degradation in quaternary rock units (case study: Rude-Shoor watershed area)

صفحه 77-84
M. Karimpour Reihan؛ A. Salehpour jam؛ M. K. Kianian؛ D. Jahani


A study of the relationship among temperatures of surface features and its application in remote sensing study of Lut desert

صفحه 85-97
S.K. Alavipanah؛ A. A. Shamsipour؛ R. Amiri

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب