New Method for Designing an Optimum Distributed Cooling System for Effluent Thermal Treatment

صفحه 155-166
A. Ataei؛ M.H. Panjeshahi؛ M. Gharaie؛ N. Tahouni


Antifungal Activity of Neutralized Wood Vinegar with Water Extracts of Pinus densiflora and Quercus serrata Saw Dusts

صفحه 167-176
N. Velmurugan؛ S.S Han؛ Y.S. Lee


Long and Short-Term Shoreline Changes Along Mangalore Coast, India

صفحه 177-188
A. Kumar؛ K. S. Jayappa


Natural Pollution By Some Heavy Metals in the Tigris River, Northern Iraq

صفحه 189-198
A.I. Al-Juboury


Interconnections of Urban Green Spaces and Environmental Quality of Tehran

صفحه 199-208


The Communication of Disaster Information and Knowledge to Children Using Game Technique: The Disaster Awareness Game (DAG)

صفحه 209-222
V. Clerveaux؛ B. Spence


Effect of the Euphotic Depth and Mixing Depth on Phytoplanktonic Growth Mechanism

صفحه 223-228
D.R. Khanna؛ R. Bhutiani؛ K.S Chandra


Biosorption of Cr (III) from Aqueous Solutions Using Bacterium Biomass Streptomyces rimosus

صفحه 229-238
M.N. Sahmoune؛ K. Louhab؛ A. Boukhiar


Interrelations Between Plants and Environmental Variables

صفحه 239-246
A. Tavili؛ M. Jafari


Impact of Mass Bathing on Water Quality

صفحه 247-252
A. Bhatnagar؛ P. Sangwan


Comparison of Atmospheric Aerosols between Two Sites over Golden Triangle of Texas

صفحه 253-279
P. Chiou؛ W. Tang؛ C.J. Lin؛ H.W. Chu


Quantitative Determination of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Onion Leaves

صفحه 271-274
M. S. Abdullahi؛ A. Uzairu؛ O.J. Okunola


Investigating Households Attitude Toward Recycling of Solid Waste in Malaysia: A Case Study

صفحه 275-288
A. Omran؛ A. Mahmood؛ H. Abdul Aziz؛ G.M. Robinson


New Method for Industrial Water Reuse and Energy Minimization

صفحه 289-300
A. Ataei؛ M.H. Panjeshahi؛ M. Gharaie


Environmental Impacts of Reconstruction Activities: A Case ofLebanon

صفحه 301-308
D. Nasr؛ M.A. Massoud؛ R. Khoury؛ V. Kabakian


Road Traffic Noise: A Case Study of Balasore Town, Orissa, India

صفحه 309-318
Sh. Goswami


Inverse Method to Estimate the Mass of Contamination Source by Comparing Analytical with Numerical Results

صفحه 317-326
M. Ardestan؛ S.M. Sabahi

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