Phytoplankton Development in a Highly Eutrophic man-made Lake From the Pampa plain of Argentina – a functional Approach

صفحه 1-14
C. Fernández؛ E.J. Cáceres؛ E.R. Parodi


Assessment of Air Quality in two Different Urban Localities

صفحه 15-26
M. Al-Harbi


Overall Assessment of Indoor Conditions in a School Building: an Italian Case Study

صفحه 27-38
V. De Giuli؛ C.M. Pontarollo؛ M. De Carli؛ A. Di Bella


Exergy Analysis of a Flat Plate Solar Collector in Combination with Heat Pipe

صفحه 39-48
H. Kargarsharifabad؛ M. Behshad Shafii؛ M. Taeibi Rahni؛ M. Abbaspour


Groundwater Arsenic Contamination and Associated Health Risks in Bihar, India

صفحه 49-60
S.K. Singh؛ A.K. Ghosh؛ A. Kumar؛ K. Kislay؛ C. Kumar؛ R.R. Tiwari؛ R. Parwez؛ N. Kumar؛ M.D. Imam


Water and Wind Erosion Risk in Natural Parks –A Case Study in “Las Batuecas– Sierra de Francia” and “Quilamas” Protected Parks (Central System, Spain)

صفحه 61-68
A.M. Martínez-Graña؛ J.L. Goy؛ C. Zazo


Identification of Optimum Outfall Location for Desalination Plant in the Coastal Waters off Tuticorin, India

صفحه 69-78
P.K. Dinesh Kumar؛ K.R. Naveen Kumar؛ K.R. Muraleedharanan


Laboratory Determination of Water Retention Characteristics and Pore size Distribution in Simulated MSW Landfill Under Settlement

صفحه 79-84
K.P.K. Jayakody؛ T. Shimaoka؛ T. Komiya؛ P. Ehler


Thermodynamic and Environmental Impact Assessment of Calcium Oxide Formation in Clinker Production

صفحه 85-92
F.A. Boyaghchi


Application of Biochemical Tests to Evaluate the Pollution of the Unislaw Basin soils with Heavy Metals

صفحه 93-100
A. Bartkowiak؛ J. Lemanowicz


From Paper Parks to Real Conservations: Case Study of Social Capital in Iran’s Biodiversity Conservation

صفحه 101-114
M. Kolahi؛ T. Sakai؛ K. Moriya؛ M. Yoshikawa؛ R. Esmaili


Narrative and Quantitative Analysis of Human Pressure, Land-use and Climate Aridity in a Transforming Industrial Basin in Greece

صفحه 115-122
L. Salvati؛ A. Mavrakis


Transport of Heavy Metals in Materials With Diameter Analogous to Xylem Vessels

صفحه 123-132
N. Oropeza-Garcia؛ R. Hausler؛ M. Glaus؛ R. Vega-Azamar؛ R. Romero-Lopez


Toxic Metal Distribution in the Core Sediment of Cochin Estuarine System (CES)

صفحه 133-138
P. Manju؛ P.S. Nair Akhil؛ C.H. Sujatha


Effective Parameters on Biodiesel Production from Feather fat oil as a Cost-Effective Feedstock

صفحه 139-148
M.A. Abdoli؛ F. Mohamadi؛ B. Ghobadian؛ E. Fayyazi


Validation of an Analytical Method Using HPLC for Identification and Quantification of Aliphatic Acids Present in Effluents

صفحه 149-156
L.E.M.C. Zaidan؛ G. Guimarães؛ L.B. Santos؛ Y.B. Brandão؛ C.M.B.M. Barbosa؛ M. Benachour؛ V.L. Silva


Dandelion Plants as a Biomonitor of Urban Area Contamination by Heavy Metals

صفحه 157-164
A. Kleckerová؛ H. Dočekalová


Electrocoagulation of Tannery Wastewater using Monopolar Electrodes: Process Optimization by Response Surface Methodology

صفحه 165-180
G. Varank؛ H. Erkan؛ S. Yazýcý؛ A. Demir؛ G. Engin


Urbanisation and Land Take of High Quality Agricultural Soils - Exploring Long-term Land Use Changes and Land Capability in Northern Italy

صفحه 181-192
T. Ceccarelli؛ S. Bajocco؛ L. Luigi Perini؛ L. Luca Salvati


The Design of an Estimation Model for Environmental Liability Insurance (ELIS)

صفحه 193-204
M. MirzaEbrahimTehrani؛ M. Abbaspour؛ J. Nouri؛ N. Mazloomi


Influence of Surfactants on the Removal of AOX Using Micellar- Enhanced Ultrafiltration

صفحه 205-212
A. Vinder؛ M. Simonič؛ Z. Novak-Pintarič


Groundwater Valuation and Quality Preservation in Iran: The Case of Yazd

صفحه 213-220
Z. Abedi؛ A. Fattahi Ardakani؛ A.R. Hanifnejad؛ N. Dashti Rahmatabadi


Climate Change Impacts on Flood Events and Its Consequences on Human in Deba River

صفحه 221-230
M. Mendizabal؛ J. Sepúlveda؛ P. Torp


Assessment of the Total Nickel Content and its Available Forms in the Soils Around Cement Plant Lafarge Poland

صفحه 231-236
H. Dąbkowska- Naskręt؛ H. Jaworska؛ J. Długosz


Radionuclides Concentration in Water and Mud of Euganean Thermal District

صفحه 237-248
C. Cantaluppi؛ A. Fasson؛ F. Ceccotto؛ A. Cianchi؛ S. Degetto

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